I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of our great readers.  For the last week I had some family emergencies to deal with and our coverage was a bit, shall we say, thin. We are back in the saddle and ready to get all our readers up to date on several stories and follow through on the crazy week it will be.

We will have full election coverage on Tuesday night for the primary election that will take place. While we be focusing on the Kansas 42nd House District and 3rd Senate District primaries, we will try to bring you as much of the other races as space and time permits. We will be live in Lawrence tracking the results and updating this website as quickly as possible. We will have interviews with the winners and losers and keep you up to date as the numbers are released.

We also have several other stories that we are working on including a big piece on Readiness Rounds and plenty of other things that we had hoped to cover last week and were unable.

Thank you for your patience as I had to attend to the family issues that needed to be addressed.

John Schulz

Managing Editor

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