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The 19th Annual Eudorafest gets underway this Saturday (October 3) with a multitude of events.

Most events for Eudorafest will be centered on the intersection of Main Street and 8th Street in downtown Eudora. The festivities will start at 9:00am when the vendor area opens and other activities will also commence. For a detailed list of all the activities and festivities planned for Eudorafest, visit their Facebook page:, or their page on the City of Eudora website:

All day long from 9:00am until Eudorafest closes at 5:00pm, you will have the chance to stroll up and down Main Street listening to musicians and wondering through the various vendor tents finding many locally made products and many of the Downtown businesses will also have their doors open to welcome visitors.

Very close to all the Eudorafest festivities will be the Open House at the Eudora Community Museum at 720 Main Street. The Open House will give visitors a chance to see this very recently opened museum, and all the treasures from Eudora’s history on display. In front of the museum, a 19th century horse-drawn hearse will be on display for the public. This hearse comes courtesy of Warren-McElwain Mortuary.

The museum will host a craft sale inside the property at 720 Main Street. Historic books, and craft items (including rustic birdhouses) will be for sale. All proceeds generated will fund future rehabilitation work at the 720 Main Street property. The Open House and Craft Sale at 720 Main Street will be from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday October 3rd.


One item for sale includes a piece of Eudora history! For only $10, you will have a chance to own a piece of Eudora history! The bricks pictured above have been recovered from 720 Main Street and will be sold for $10 each. These bricks were formed at the Eudora Brickyard (owned by the Stadler and Seiwald families) over 130 years ago!



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