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The old joke has been that a traffic jam in Eudora is five cars at the four-way stop.  Now Eudora has graduated to being a one-stop light town — well, sort of.

Later this week or next week, Eudora will see the installation of it’s first stop light. The light will be located at 23rd and Church Street.  This is where the Meadowlark Subdivision and Eudora High School entrance driveway intersect Church Street.

According to Public Works Director Mike Hutto, the light will flash yellow for traffic on Church Street except during a period of time in the morning and afternoon when school is getting ready to start and after it lets out.  The exact times the light will be flashing red for traffic on Church Street has not yet been determined by Eudora Police.

For traffic on 23rd Street and those exiting the school, the light will flash red always and act just as the stop signs currently do at this intersection.  The light can also be controlled by law enforcement officials with a switch during events such as the end of football games to allow traffic onto Church Street.

Traffic in the morning and afternoon during the school year has been a problem for those trying to turn onto Church Street.  Even we have received many emails both last year and this school year about the traffic situation on Church Street and Police have worked to enforce the School Zone speed limit over that span of time as well.

Once the light is installed and operational, it is expected that the Public Works department will install some sort of signage with flags to indicate the presence of the new light and alert  motorists to be aware.

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9 Responses to Eudora to get a stoplight

  • It’s definitely needed during school hours. I drive past the high school every morning and wonder how long it takes some of those people to get back onto Church St.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Five years overdue, but thank you!

  • Is this going to help get on Chruch street from the Hwy? this is very hard, You can wait a long time.

  • Perhaps at the busy times of the day you could get off K-10 at either the exit East of Church Street or the one West of Church Street depending on which way you are coming into Eudora.

  • Rule for coming off K-10 to Church street.
    1 Pull out in front of me so i have to slam on my brakes to not hit you, but when i get my new truck i wont brake i will plow your ass over !!!
    I am sick of the stupid idiots that look you in the eyes and pull right out in front of me. I will be plowing cars when needed…

  • Good News! This should help before and after school traffic tremendously!
    Thank you Mike Hutto and all those concerned citizens who shared their concerns!

  • Businessman- Really, now you are saying that you are going to run into people on purpose? I think I am feeling a little road rage coming from you here. They do have classes on anger control.But to endanger someones life on purpose, due to something as small as your traffic frustration that seems a bit harsh. And if you did choose to follow through with that then your comment would be used to say that you premeditated the event and the legal charges could be very bad, but you would not have to live in Eudora anymore.

  • As a parent who endures this intersection every morning, I haven’t experienced any benefit from the installation of the stoplight….the light never changes, and the backup still occurs….I don’t see the point.