Superintendent Don Grosdidier (photo courtesy The Eudora School District)

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Eudora Schools Superintendent Don Grosdidier has officially announced that he will retire at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

At the school board meeting on Thursday evening, Grosdidier and the Board discussed possible options for a smooth transition prior to his retirement.  While no formal plan was made, options included hiring a new superintendent to be in place during the next school year or possibly hiring an Associate Superintendent who would then be elevated to the Superintendent’s position once Grosdidier retired.

In addition to Grosdidier retiring in June 2014, Peg Buchanan, the District Financial Director, is set to retire in August 2013 adding another complicated position into the administration changeover.

In a letter to all school staff on Friday, Grosdidier talked about the District plans on doing in replacing these two positions.

“Change always presents both challenges and opportunities. As a result, the board is working hard right now to determine the best way to fill these positions that takes into account our district’s culture, our organizational needs, anticipated demands on school districts across the state, and our obligation to be financially responsible and good stewards of our community’s tax dollars.”

Grosdidier, has spent most of his career in Eudora.  After graduating from KU in 1982, Grosdidier worked in the Easton School District.  In 1986, Grosdidier began teaching Social Studies and coaching football and basketball at Eudora High School and has been with the district ever since.  Grosdidier served as the Middle School Principal and Associate Superintendent prior to being named Superintendent in 2008.

Following Thursday’s Board meeting, Grosdidier was asked about his future plans.

“I do intend to keep working, but it will not be in an superintendent’s role,” Grosdidier said. He went on to add that he has not really thought about or explored any options currently.

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4 Responses to Eudora Schools Superintendent to retire in 2014

  • I love Don as a person, but as the leader of the school district , i think he has set Eudoras everyday person back 30 years.
    The amount of money that has been wasted is HUGE and kept a lot of folks down.
    I hope whoever comes on board next can learn to live with our means !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope to be outa here by then , but if not i hope its someone who thinks about our elderly folks before doing something. The older folks have suffered enough …..
    Enjoy your time off Don. Your a great man.

  • Businessman- Why are you still here? Move! All you do is whine and complain. You tell Don he is a great person, but sucked at his job. What is wrong with you? What was the reason for your post? Bring the man up then kick him down, and then go off on one of your crazy train trips. I don’t think you will move. I believe you will stay so that your life goal of whining can be accomplished. What business does businessman own? I would love to use your services because you seem to have all the answers.

  • Mr Grosdidier,
    You were a great Teacher and a great Football Coach.And I think most people in Eudora would agree you are a great Superintendent.Enjoy your retirement, I am sure you will be happy and succesful at whatever you do with the rest of you life. As for the Businessman, give it up guy.

  • Well, to be honest did i not pay Dons wages to the tune of $2,000 a year ? I have the right to bitch about the waste of my money like any person who lives in Eudora.
    Like i said, Don is a great person, just wasted money with all the other board members.
    I figure we are all the bosses of the board and they all failed in my book.
    I do have to say we have a great bunch of teachers and students though. Keep up the good work.