Steve Splichal_1Eudora Schools Superintendent Steve Splichal (photo courtesy The Eudora School District)

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Eudora Schools Superintendent Steve Splichal announced on Thursday that the school district will face a budget cut due to Governor Sam Brownback’s plan to balance the state budget.  Brownback announced on Thursday that the state will be cutting 1.5% in school district allotments. The current base state aid will drop by approximately $42 per student.  In Eudora, that cut comes to a loss of $81,638 from this year’s subsidy.

“It will take me some time to formulate a plan to address this cut, but I will be working with building and district leaders to find the solutions that – though painful – are the most appropriate”, Splichal said in an open letter Thursday.  “In the meantime, I have asked each of the outstanding professionals who make up our district to do what they can to reduce use of resources and delay any and all purchases until further notice.”

Splichal went on to state that additional bills before the legislature could cut more from the local option budget and delay capital outlay payments to schools until June 30.

“This news is upsetting in many, many ways. Sadly, it is news that many have seen coming for quite some time,” Splichal said.  “Until the governor and state lawmakers choose to restore revenue streams – most notably, the tax plan passed in 2012 that has brought us to this point – Eudora Schools and districts all across our state will suffer.”

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