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Story by Shaun Hittle courtesy The Lawrence Journal World

A Eudora police officer was arrested over the weekend after an altercation in the 1800 section of North 1500 Road east of Lawrence.

Douglas County sheriff’s deputies arrested Thomas Leahew, 29, about 5 a.m. Sunday after a 35-year-old Bonner Springs woman reported Leahew struck her, causing minor injuries, according to Sgt. Steve Lewis. Lewis did not provide additional details about the incident. Leahew was charged in Douglas County District Court on Monday with misdemeanor battery.

At Leahew’s first court appearance Monday, Douglas County Assistant District Attorney James McCabria recused his office from the case, and a special prosecutor from Shawnee County was appointed.

Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker said Leahew, was placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. Walker declined to comment further on the case.

Douglas County District Judge James George released Leahew on his own recognizance.

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7 Responses to Eudora Police Officer arrested in alleged incident

  • 1800 section of North 1500 Road east of Lawrence.
    Also known as the outhouse…. I understand bad decesions, as I am sure we all have made them. but when your in place of enforcing laws and upholding moral codes, maybe, just maybe, This aint the place you should be at 5am officer. Maybe he was undercover ; )

  • Anonymity always lends so much creedence to one’s judgement of another’s action.

  • Exactly! But even being anonymous, it doesn’t condone the wrongful acts of a man assaulting a woman…let alone a police officer assaulting a woman at a strip club! Get a clue!!

  • My only question… is administrative leave with pay or without pay? Just want to know if he will have money for lap dances while he is not working?

  • Typical hot headed cop! Guess he thinks since he has a badge he has the right to hit a woman. ANY guy that hits a woman in my opinion is a wimp. Cant post the word I want to use. And I would tell this to their face. No matter where this happened or who did it, its wrong! I hope he gets fired for it.

  • So I just read the follow up story to the original posted above. Turns out this guy was with a whole group of other men, I wonder if any other officers were part of that group ?

    Second, the female was a cab driver for Gods sake, The victim says she was driving the cab when he attacked her from behind and put her in a head lock. Are you kidding me ! This guy has a damn gun and was patrolling our community…… I really hope the EPD takes this very very seriously and can see the powder keg potential this officer was and prob still is.

  • Maybe we need a reality show “Police Officers Behaving Badly?” This is a prime example why some have trouble with trust issues and the police. You should set good examples, in our out of uniform. Some think they are above the law? We do not need anymore officers like that in our town!