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Eudora Police on Sunday arrested three individuals from Eudora who were charged in connection with multiple burglaries in the area. The suspects include a husband and wife, both 29 years old and a 19 year old male who resides near the couple.  It is the policy of to not identify the names of individuals who have not yet been found guilty.

According to Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker, the individuals are suspected of committing at least 18 burglaries over the course of the last few weeks.

“Officers executed a search warrant on Sunday and obtained approximately two truckloads full of items, much of which had been reported missing by local residents,” Walker said.

While a value of all the items has not yet been officially determined, Eudora Police have estimated the worth as “several thousands” of dollars.

“We have started returning property which has been reported stolen to the rightful owners,” Walker stated. “Needless to say, there are some pretty happy people getting their things back that they never expected to see again.”

Walker said that the Eudora Police Department spent a great deal of time in the investigation of the individuals.  “I cannot be prouder of the work our officers did on this case.”

The three suspects are currently being held at the Douglas County Jail.


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One Response to Eudora Police bust burglary ring

  • Wow, I’ve always thought Eudora was such a safe place that I don’t always lock my car or my garage door. Learning of a burglary ring in town is disturbing, but knowing that our police force did such a great job, putting a quick end to the crimes, is good news. Thanks, Eudora PD! (and I’ll go lock my garage door now!)