201_Ford_Interceptor2013 Ford Police Interceptor (publicity photo courtesy the Ford Motor Company)

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The Eudora Police Department will soon be adding an SUV to the fleet of vehicles in the city.   The Eudora City Commission last week approved a purchase of a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor SUV.

“In several other meetings we have stated we were looking to replace a police car this year,”Eudora Police Chief Bill Edwards told the city Commission. “This vehicle has All Wheel Drive which this past winter would have been very helpful.”

Edwards also said that the vehicle would be of value to the department in other conditions as well.

“This vehicle is pursuit rated,” Edwards said. “If you have a non pursuit rated vehicle, it can cause issues when it gets into one. The maneuvering capabilities are also conducive for law enforcement needs and the resale value on it  down the road will be higher.”

The Police Interceptor model line from Ford is a modified version of the Ford Taurus in the sedan models and the Ford Explorer in the SUV versions. The newer versions are the replacement from the long used Crown Victoria model line.  The line is specifically designed to handle the needs of a Police Officer carrying out their duties.  This not only includes equipment and interior safety requirements, but enhanced engine performance and better fuel consumption as well.

Laird Noller Automotive in Lawrence submitted the winning bid of $25,399  for the new SUV.  Edwards told the Commission that he had talked to several other jurisdictions including Baldwin City and the Kansas Highway Patrol who had also recently purchased similar models. He stated the that the price quoted by Noller Automotive was similar to the quotes others had received when they were seeking bids.

In early 2012, the City purchased a 1989 Humvee that was designed to be used for inclement weather situations and other police needs as warranted.

“That’s a nice vehicle for events and for rugged terrain situations,” Edwards said, but when we need to transport people, whether it’s officers or criminals, this vehicle is much better suited.”

The Eudora Police Department is expected to take delivery of the new vehicle in 10 to 12 weeks.

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