A group of city and county officials got together with a group of concerned citizens to talk about ways to make some of the streets safer for kids to walk to and from school.

A few concerned parents came to the Eudora Pedestrian Safety Committee meeting Thursday evening at City Hall. On the planned agenda of the meeting was a discussion about ways to make improvements for pedestrian traffic across the bridge on Church Street that crosses K-10.  The parents had a different topic on their mind though. The group of parents is concerned about  traffic at the intersection of 12th & Willow. This intersection is directly south of the Eudora Elementary School.

Cherri Walrod, one of the parents in attendance at the meeting, stated that when parents picking up children are parked all over the place, it creates a a hazard for children trying to cross the street. Also, traffic frequently goes over the posted speed limit.  The concern of inadequate sight lines and speeding cars makes this “a very dangerous intersection” Walrod said.

The idea of adding signage and a crosswalk were discussed and city officials will also look into the possibility of adding a crossing guard to this intersection. Currently, there is a crossing guard on duty at the intersection of 11th and Peach Street and another crossing guard is located at the 14th and Church Street intersection.

The group did discuss the K-10 crossing situation also. While no formal plans have been laid as to exactly what to do in regards to pedestrians crossing the bridge, everyone acknowledge that work needs to be done towards a goal of a safe way for citizens to use the bridge while not impeeding traffic.

Officials of the Safety Commission and the city plan on looking into possible funding options including some types of grants that may be available.

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