Could this be the look of Church Street?

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The Eudora City Planning Commission has released an artist’s concept of what they would like to see for the Church Street corridor as you enter the city off of K-10.  This artist concept is based on the Conceptual Plan adopted by the Panning Commission at the last Planning Commission meeting.

This drawing was described specifically as a concept and not a final design. There is no proposal to build this development on the table. This possible development would likely take several years to complete and could be done in multiple phases. The Planning Commission is looking to seek RFP’s (Request for Proposal) from master developers to enhance the area on Church Street between 14th and 16th Streets for commercial development.

If a master developer is found and the project does become reality, one of the recommendations made by the Planning Commission, was to study the feasibility of widening Church Street from the current two lane alignment to either three or four lanes.   Currently, according to traffic studies done for the city, Church street does not warrant widening it’s current two lane configuration.

This conceptual Plan is being added as an amendment to the city’s Comprehensive Plan already in place.

In response to a question about this area possibly being developed with a standard, simple strip mall instead of the artist ‘s vision, Panning Commission Charmain Kurt von Achen said “With the amendments we put in place, we are trying to avoid that happening.”

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One Response to Eudora of the future?

  • I would love to see a bike lane added to church street for adult bike and someday students. Is there still plans to put a walking/biking bridge in over K-10 on Church street?