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Reaction was mixed today from various business owners downtown about the cities efforts on snow removal. Mother Nature returned to town overnight, dumping close to two inches of snow on the area.

Several business contacted to complain about the lack of snow removal from parking stalls located on Main Street.  Those business owners, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that while efforts in the past have been fair, they did nothing today to clear the parking spaces. Many business owners depend on these stalls being clean so clientele can easily reach their place of business.   Some business owners we contacted were in fact happy with the efforts and had no complaints at all.

One business owner stated “I don’t know why it hasn’t been done yet. It’s 9 o’clock and we’ve got customers wanting to park and they can’t because of the snow in the parking spaces.”  Another business owner mentioned how, the large piles from all the snow of recent storms keeps getting piled up blocking spaces and walkways and that it really hampers their business.

City Administrator John Harrenstein stated the policy currently in place is that snow removal crews are not called out until two inches of snow has fallen.  “If that is at 3 in the morning, they are called then.” In this case we didn’t get two inches, so the Police and Public Works Department followed procedures in place.”

Harrenstein, who has shown a concern for the businesses in Eudora, paying particular attention to the needs of downtown business in the last few months, said that “I understand that the snow should have been cleaned off and it  will not happen again.  The procedures didn’t work in this case and they will be changed.”

Harrenstein added that one thing that inhibits effective clearing of snow from the parking areas on Main Street are the cars parked in the spaces when it snows. “Police will be making efforts in the future to clear the cars out of the spaces so that we can quickly and easily clear the spaces.”

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2 Responses to Eudora News: Snow removal not as good as hoped for by some

  • While I understand the businesses complaints I would like to agree that the snow removal for the residential areas are poor as well. The snow storm that came through last week that left 10″-12″ of snow left me wondering what the city was thinking as I watched the snow plow work the East to West side streets. They bladed the street leaving a 3′-4′ drift at each intersection for the streets that ran North and South. It took over 4 hours for my street to be cleared at the intersection. It would seem me that it would have been better to NOT block the intersections until they could actually get back to them.

  • I thought that the city crews did alot better job this year than they did last year. Especially when it came to Winchester Rd and 20th st. As far as the downtown area, I would say that if so many of the business owners didnt park in front of their stores, the crews could clean the snow off alot quicker and better. I think as far a residential areas, people whould be happy that it only took a few hours to get the streets clean. Most cities, the residential streets are the LAST to get cleaned. Also, when Eudora streets are cleaned, they are a whole lot better than some streets is other cites that I have seen. Now if we could just get the city to do more maintance on 20th street!!