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The Eudora School District needs to modify the current year school calendar due to the amount of snow days used this year.  The District has called off school 6 days already this year due to snowy conditions.

To make up the time necessary to meet state requirements, the School District is doing multiple things.  Eudora High School will add 15 minutes time to each school day. Eudora Middle School will add 5 minutes to the school day and shorten the lunch period by an additional 5 minutes. The time additions will be added to the beginning of the school day and commence on February 21st.

In addition, High School, Middle School and the Elementary school will all be in session in President’s Day February 21st and on the Monday after Easter, April 25th. These days were scheduled as off days for students.

If any additional days are needed because of snow days that may occur later this month, District officials will look at possibly using Spring Break days or extending the school year.

When Superintendent Don Grosdidier was asked about those families that might have plans made for those those days already, he responded that “I imagine that the principals will work with people that have already made plans.”

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