(l to r) City Administrator John Harrenstein, Township Library Treasurer Tom Jerome and School Superintendent Don Grosdidier

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Officials from the City of Eudora, The Eudora Township Library Board and The Eudora School District gathered together on Wednesday, to sign an agreement that will allow the City to begin demolition of the the Old Eudora Middle School located at 10th and Main Street.

This site will become the location of a new Public Safety Building that will house Police, Fire and EMS services for the City of Eudora,  as well as a proposed new library for Eudora Township and leave additional space for possible future expansion by the Eudora School District.

The Historical Society, which has a museum located in the north end of the old Middle School building, will be moving to the Old Nottingham School, located at 15th and Elm Street.

Tom Jerome, Treasurer of the Eudora Township Library Board is looking forward to the possibility of a new library.  “We want to have something that will last 10 to 20 years and will be able to grow in the future.” Jerome said.

The funds for the demolition will come from a combination the three entities. All three of the groups have the funds already set aside for this demolition project.

As to a new library, Jerome added that the Township Board will be presented a proposal and that a bond issue would likely need to be passed to fund a new building.

According to Eudora City Administrator John Harrenstein, the contract for demolition will be presented to the City Council for approval at one of the two May City Council meetings.  Upon approval, demolition crews will begin with asbestos removal of the property.

“This project has specifically been designed to not interfere with the CPA picnic later this summer” Harrenstein said. The CPA picnic uses the parking lot to house various carnival rides, games and vendor booths during the annual event.

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7 Responses to Eudora News: Officials Sign deal for 10th & Main

  • Another perfectly good building being torn down! Along with a perfect gym. What a f’ing waste Eudora! Ok, maybe not a perfect building, but some maintance would go a LONG way! Oh thats right, the Eudora school district doesnt belive in maintance!

  • So what will be come of the Eudora Fire/Police building that they are using now? And, just spent alot of money to expand it. Will it be torn down?

  • Thanks John.

  • I agree with A Johnson. What will happen to the library? With the economy in a recession how are we to be expected to pay more taxes? Will any compensation be provided to the school district for the use of the property after demolition? It is time for Government to live according to their income and to balance their budgets.

  • What are the 3 entities sharing the cost of the demolition? Since the schools were built on prime land to accommodate future residential growth which has been projected to be south of K10 highway, then maybe a better choice of location for the fire/police station would be at the old grade school site. Easier to got to all parts of the city and less city to travel through by the volunteer firefighters when they think they need to exceed the speed and traffic laws to get to the station when their beepers go off.