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8:45 PM NUMBERS UPDATE: 75% counted

City Council:

Ruth Hughs 408

Kenny Massey 268

John Fiore 243

Jerry Trober 231

Maria Nelson  201

Chris Fielder 65

Write in 5

Eudora School Board – Douglas County & Johnson County numbers only.  No reports on Leavenworth County.

Joe Pyle 422

Belinda Rehmer 419

Mark Chrislip 396

Daniel Dickerson 333

Bryan Maring 290

Write in  15

Keep checking back often. We will update as numbers roll in.

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2 Responses to Eudora News: Monitoring election results

  • Do you guys have any leavenworth county election results yet?

    • Nothing yet for Leavenworth. We are trying but they have no online results. Looking into. No reports from Johnson County yet either. Will update as quick as possible.