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The Mayor of Eudora has not relented on his campaign to improve safety conditions along the K-10 corridor.

This weekend, Mayor Scott Hopson, along with the mayor’s family, prepared and placed 47 small crosses along the hillside next the site of the accident that claimed the lives of 5-year old Cainan Shutt and 24-year-old Ryan Pittman on Saturday, April 16.

“We have to do something to call attention to the fact that this road is dangerous and something needs to be done about it.” Hopson said.

Family members also placed a single cross at the site of an accident scene near De Soto, that involved a car and a Fed Ex truck. In that accident, Amanda Newton, a 23-year-old Lawrence woman, was killed in when she crossed over the median and collided with the Fed Ex Truck.  That accident occurred in August of 2010.

Hopson has been on a personal crusade urging the Governor and the Kansas Department of Transportation to install wire barriers along the K-10 corridor stretching from Interstate 435 in Kansas City to Lawrence. Hopsons efforts have been echoed by Thomas and Alison Shutt, the parents of the Cainan, and Jodi Jackson, the citizen who started a Facebook effort to install wire barriers along the highway.



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32 Responses to Eudora News: Memorial erected on K-10 at accident site

  • This should bring a lot of attention for the cause.
    Great job!!!

  • Keep it up Scott!

  • The original cross placed there was a memorial. 47 crosses with the sign place with them is a political statement. how can call this a memorial?

  • Oh my god Hopson! This is out of control. Do you really think that the State is going to be forced to install cables based on some crosses? Again everyone helping to support this is blowing this out of porportion. Im sure there are alot of other roads thru-out Kansas and other states that are 10 times more un-safe than k-10 is. What if the ones who lost their life werent from Eudora? Would this be happening? Thats the question. Should Hopson be trying to do something about Hwy 59 now that a Eudora boy got seriously hurt on Saturday?

  • What are the 47 crosses for? Is this the TOTAL number of people killed since the highway opened in 1976?

  • (Comment was removed due to violation of terms of service policies)

  • Dead on Tony! Its all about the politics, NOT a memorial. If Hopson really wanted to make a point, why didnt he get statistics of how many wrecks on k-10 are actually cross over wtih deaths, cross overs with out deaths, and just plain wrecks with and without deaths? This is what Kdot and the state of Kansas looks at. They dont care if its a family people within the town know or not. The bottom line is they look at STATISTICS! Hopson really just looks like a person without a clue now by putting up this “memorial”!

  • (Comment was removed due to violation of terms of service policies)

  • Where did freedom of speech go Eudora Reporter!! Only post what you want to be seen that’s crap!!

    • Freedom of speech continues on this site. We stated last week that any comment accusing someone of breaking the law who has not been charged or convicted of that offense, would no longer be allowed.

  • I’ll try this again since my last comment was deemed ‘objectionable’ (the incident I referred to in the last post was reported to law enforcement, so while it may be objectionable, it is also factual)

    Well said LBJ! This ‘memorial’, in my opinion, will serve two purposes: 1)to distract drivers, 2)to remind the hypocrite and many others to practice safe driving habits for a few days.

    Eudora Reporter – my opinion of our hypocritical Mayor is no more ‘objectionable’ than those posting thoughts regarding his political gain or Chris’s comment that was removed pointing out that the newcomers to this town should get to know the real Scott Hopson. Let’s play fair.

  • (Comment was removed due to violation of terms of service policies)

  • Our mayor is a joke,to bad the new prople in town doesn’t know the real you!!!!!!!

  • Holy cow! What a distraction for the drivers on K-10. Are we wanting more lives to be changed?

  • AMEN, “chris”! If all the new people in town only knew his history! And “maisysmom”, you are correct. One cross would have been plenty.

  • Great post Amber! If there is a police report, then its fair game to talk about.

  • My question to the mayor is,instead of spending hours upon hours with this issue, why is he not working on problems that the city itself can fix? Like the infastructure that is falling apart, or roads that are falling apart?

  • It appears to me that there are a few commentors on this site that would prefer to bash anything that the mayor is trying to do to PROMOTE a safer K-10 and feel it is their “right” promote their own negative agenda. I would like to offer a suggestion that comments be kept to the topic relating to the story. If those commentors want to bash someone, they have the right to start their own website/facebook page.

  • Well madalyn if you read my earlier comments on this I said it was a good idea but lets look ahead to the future growth of this area and not just what has happened.I said 3 lanes and concrete barricades make more sence and also said where were all the people when 2 eudora kids lost their mother to a cross over 3 years ago among the others that wasn’t from eudora that lost their lives! The mayor has lived here his whole life as I have and the ones that have also lived here more than 10 or more years know his background VERY well!! As I said why does it take this long for everyone to get on board for this and not YEARS ago the mayor must have a reason for not worrying about this before now!

  • @Chris: Why did it take so long? Who knows the answer to that question? Perhaps we all are complancent in our daily lives not to worry about things that happen to other people. All accidents on K-10 or other highways are tragic, and we hope it would never happen to our loved ones. What gets our attention is the fact that an innocent 5 year old boy, on an outing with his grandparents, needlessly lost his life. His grandparents did everything thing they were suppose to do to keep him safe and another persons actions failed him. As a parent, I would be devastated at the fact I could not of kept my children safe. We have no control over the actions of others. That is an unfortunate fact of life. If we can do something to prevent another tragedy like this from happening, then it is all worth while. Bashing other people and their past history is very unproductive and negative. It really has no place in trying to make K-10 highway safer.

  • “Madalyn” thanks for the suggestions. We could start our own website, but are also free to express our opinions here whether Hopson supporters like them or not. All comments posted about the memorial and Hopsons actions are appropriate and related.

  • @amber: if the comments were so appropriate why then were they removed? I know of other comment forms (in Lawrence) and they will eventually ban the offensive commenter. It would be sad and unfortunate to see that happen on this site. 🙁

  • They were removed because of liability issues. However factual, I understand Eudora Reporters stance. Where would the world be if we didn’t state our opinions or truth for fear of offending an individual or a group? We’re not in grade school anymore and as adults we should be aware of the facts, not only what makes feel warm & fuzzy inside.

  • Has anyone heard if the 5 year old was even buckled in correctly?

  • The reality is that cables save lives. One only has to look at I-70 in Missouri where deaths have been drastically reduced since the cables were installed. The latest study by traffic engineers rejected the proposed cables saying the medians were wide enough so a crossing driver could regain control in time to avoid a head-on collision. I would submit when both drivers are going in opposite directions at 70 mph a crossing driver cannot likely recover in time.

  • I for one, support the cables on k-10.
    As for the crosses (whom some say is politically motivated)is an awesome gesture to get some notoriety. Good Job Scott.
    And we all have bones in out closets from the past, witch can not be changed only our actions we do in the future can.
    Seems like some of these comments are just to Bash the Mayer and has nothing relevant to the barriers.

  • As my momma used to say, “It is impossible to please everybody piss them off is a piece of cake!” I have lived here for over 20 yrs. and I could care less what people have done in their past…it is their actions today that count.As for the memorial….it brings attention to the cause, plain & simple.I applaud the action.

  • Again where was everyone after all the other wrecks?@ jack I guess its ok to praise the Mayor but lets not bash him right? I have lived here for 38 years and when past things that a certain someone has done to a number of people in town continues to happen even while in council then its hard to forget that persons past!and for the “memorial” what about putting crosses where all the other people died instead of just one,there were two people and two+ families that lost their lives or a family member along with friends! As I said before does anyone remember or even care that two young kids lost their mother 3 years ago also to a cros over that wasn’t her fault

  • I would just like to address the cable issue. Has anyone stopped to think about how now the police can cut thru the median now when they detect a speeder going the opposite direction? Correct me if Im wrong on this, but after cables get installed, this option will be gone. Except for pass thru areas approx every mile or so? So, what I see happening is people will drive faster since its harder to get caught by the police. Yes they have radios, but a cruiser going west bound WILL NOT be able to get the plate number of a car going east bound. Maybe a description, but even then a car thats speeding could be slowed down by the time a police unit gets onto the highway and then there wont be any proof. Any thoughts??

  • Chris, I agree. The crosses were nothing but a political statement. And yes, the mayors past is something long time Eudora residents wont forget. I guees the only reason he got voted in was due to all the NEW people in town.

  • Yes, Cainan was properly buckled in his car seat. As was his sister Courtlyn and their grandparents.