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Wednesday evening the candidates for Eudora City Council meet a packed audience at City Hall for Meet the Candidates 2011. The event was sponsored by The Eudora Chamber of Commerce and

All six candidates for City Council were in attendance to present themselves to the voters of Eudora and answer questions on a variety of topics.

May of the candidates discussed their personal history and involvement in the city in their opening monologues.  Like a cross section of the population of the town, several of the candidates have a long, if not life long history. Some candidates have been here since the building boom in the early part of this century and some are relatively new to town.

We asked questions about many topics citizens have identified via our website and in conversations held over the past couple of months.

Utility rates, water condition, sewers and street conditions were all brought up to the candidates. The current City Council incumbents Ruth Hughs and Maria Nelson discussed how the city has been working on plans to improve these deficiencies. Other candidates including Kenny Massey, Chris Fielder and John Fiore discussed how the city needs take a hard look at the budget and be fiscally responsible and manage what current resources the city has and spend appropriately.

Kenny Massey summed up many of these topics by stating “How are the taxes being spent? The City Council, the School District, it’s like running a business. You have to be mindful of every dime that you spend.  There has to be thought into it.”  “I think the City Council in place now has  done a very good job of heading down that road.”  All of the other candidates agreed with this sentiment and echoed those comments.

Jerry Trober, a former city employee, stated how the city has been told about how to solve the water issue. “That is so simple because we’ve already been told what to do about the water but we simply haven’t done it. Someone needs to step up and get these things done.”

One of the most interesting questions of the night came from someone who contacted just prior to the event. It was simply what are each candidates top two priorities to work on as a member of the City Council.

To assist voters with decisions they will need to make on April 5th, we decided to simply list them here so you know what is most important to each candidate:

Maria Nelson: Economic Development and water quality.

Chris Fiedler: Water quality and street conditions

Kenny Massey: Budget Management & Employee Retention/Developement

Ruth Hughs:  Economic Development & Operating Efficiency including infrastructure development

Jerry Trober Sr.: Sewer and Water

John Fiore:  Economic Development and Infrastructure Development

We hope that everyone participates in the upcoming election in Tuesday April 5th. This is the opportunity for the citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote and help choose who leads your city and school district in the coming years.

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