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Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson’s letter to Governor Brownback about safety concerns on K-10 has prompted the Governor to call for action.

In a letter from Governor Brownback to Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Deb Miller, the Governor cited Hopson’s letter and stated that KDOT begin immediate design of a project to widen the shoulders and add rumble strips along the Douglas County stretch of K-10. The Governor also stated that he wants the construction project completed by this fall.

Governor Brownback said that “While that may not have prevented this crash, it seems like a very important safety improvement.”

The Governor also called for the cable barrier study to be updated “without delay”.  This study was scheduled to be updated during 2012. “Even if a decision is made later to install cable median barriers, it will take longer to accomplish that improvement than it will for this shoulder enhancement. So let’s get that going immediately” Governor Brownback wrote.

The Governor also wants a local group be formed “so they can be included in the discussion of K-10 and provide helpful input in the decision making process.”

Mayor Scott Hopson’s reaction was mixed. “I appreciate the quick response the Governor had to the issue and I’m glad he’s reopening the study.  This is a nice addition to the highway.” Hopson added that “While it may help the situation,  it doesn’t address the problem. Barriers are the answer to the problem, not rumble strips.”

Hopson hopes to form a group of the mayors from the other cities along the K-10 corridor to study the issue.




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2 Responses to Eudora News: Mayor’s Letter moves Govenor to act on K-10 safety

  • I wish to applaud “Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson” for getting the commuters on K10 highway new shoulders and rumble strips. And with just one letter to the governor. That must have been some letter. Good job, mayor Scott Hopson.

  • I’m sure all of the other letters from concerned citizens to the Gov, Lt. Gov, representatives, and KDOT didn’t hurt either! 😉