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With the tragic accident that claimed two lives and injured three others on K-10 Saturday, Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson has decided to stand up and try to do something about it.

Hopson is sending a letter to Kansas Governor Brownback where he requests the Governor to “direct the Secretary of Transportation to immediately begin work to install wire barriers in the median of K-10 from Lawrence to I-435.”

In Hopson’s letter he stated:

We have been told that KDOT has resisted placing wire barriers in the median at this stretch of road because the benefit cost ratio completed in 2009 determined that these barriers were not warranted due to the low numbers of accidents or deaths in the area.  I can tell you now that the death toll on this stretch of road has exceeded our community’s benefit cost ratio and that we request barriers be installed immediately.

Hopson also is circulating the letter to the Mayors of Lawrence, De Soto, Overland Park, Lenexa and Olathe in the hope that they will join his campaign for wire barriers along the K-10 corridor.

“It’s my responsibility not only to the citizens of Eudora but to all the people who travel K-10.” Hopson said.  “Policy makers aren’t traveling K-10 on a regular basis and it’s our responsibility to bring it to their attention.”

There is also a groundswell of support for barriers along K-10 on Facebook.

Jodi Jackson, an area resident, started the page at 7AM Tuesday morning and by 6:15PM that evening, the page had garnered over 325 “likes”.

Jackson stated that she was one car in front of the accident that occurred near the Church St. exit on K-10 Saturday.

“What if that had been me in that car?” Jackson said. “I have my own children and I can’t imagine what I would be going through, had it been me.”

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20 Responses to Eudora News: Mayor wants barriers on K-10

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  • A “knee jerk” reaction isnt what government officals want to see. Was this wreck terrible, yes. But things like this happen every day across the country on our country’s highways. You just cant protect people from people. Once government try’s to do this, it becomes “big brother”. The best idea would be to add a third lane to k-10 to help ease the flow of traffic and reduce “road rage”. Also, maybe take a look at how to re-align some sections of k-10. I feel that Hopson should be worried about the road conditions within the city.

  • It’s about making the highway safe. If there is one thing that can be done to make K-10 safer, it is to add the barriers and prevent cross-over accidents. Will this be the end to all accidents, no, but if one life can be spared by adding barriers, then it is money well spent. How many more are going to have to die from cross-over accidents?
    The state of Missouri has cables stretched all along I-70 and they have the lowest number of fatalities since the 1950’s.

  • And just how is it that crossover cables make the government “big brother”?

  • @LBJ- who will you call when drunk driver crosses over and plows into you or you family member?? A GOVERNMENT ENTITY will be there to help you. The money spent building a third lane could place a concrete barrier. If you still don’t think its important, stop by and see next time im scraping an innocent victim off of K-10 ….. AGAIN!!

  • “amber”, I just have to ask who your reffering to? “Richard”, I see you agree that a third lane would help also. Yes, with a third lane they could add a concrete wall just like the turnpike has. Do the cables prevent a semi truck from crossing over? Also, if the cables are installed, wont they create less area’s for the police to cut thru to catch speeders going the other direction? I know there will be gaps in the cables, but now they can cut thru the grass median, and catch up to speeders ALOT quicker. What are the odds that a speeder will get away if a cop has to find one of the “gaps” in the cables? Yes they have radios, but they wont have the tag number from a car going the other way.

  • This is what I have always heard about these darn cables. Read this link.

  • Bottom line, if they want to install a safety barrier, install a concrete wall. If the concrete is to hard, install soft walls like NASCAR uses. If your really serious about saving a persons life, this would be the way to go.

  • @L.B.J – perhaps you should read the stories for the links you posted. Better yet, perhaps you should post something that is at least pertaining to the United States. I copied and pasted the text from one of the links you posted. Seems to me there is a conflict.

    “Metal beam barriers and concrete barrier systems are best suited for highway environments, for both the shoulders and the more critical medians, in order to prevent vehicles crossing over onto opposing lanes.

    The practice of utilising the metal beam barriers and concrete barriers systems on highways has been used very successfully in North America, Europe and South America. “

  • @madalyn, what difference does a news story make if its from the US or another country? A car is a car, a death is a death! I agree with this LBJ person regarding the barriers vs cables. Install barriers, plain and simple.

  • @A Johnson: All I want is a safer highway for myself and my family. I’ve listed several links from here in the US supporting cable barriers. There seems to be some evidence that the cable barriers are better at absorbing the shock of the accident as opposed to the concrete ones. The concrete ones have a tendency to cause vehicles to bounce back into the traffic, thus not really preventing anything. Also included in the links is information supporting that Missouri’s fatality rate dropped from 24 to 2. That is a pretty significant drop in fatalities. All in all,I have tried to do some research that indicated that cable barriers were hazzardous or cause undo injury, and I was not able to find anything. Main thing is we need something to help prevent fatalities that is safe and cost effective.

  • (part of this comment was removed due to violation of terms of service policies)

    Barriers or no barriers accidents will still occur they just might not be crossovers. The root of the problem is the inattentive driver and unfortunately this likely to worsen rather than improve. There are not enough law enforcement officers on the planet to penalize every person who is driving while on their phone, texting, shaving, putting on make-up, messing with their child, reading, eating or smoking. The ONLY way to decrease this type of accident is for parents to TEACH our upcoming drivers and lead by example as adults. We’ve spent decades allowing this type of multi-tasking to take place & it will take decades to change.

  • The best way to lower the number of accidents of all types and in all locations is to create better drivers. We all need to review our driving habits and improve them and teach others to be better drivers.

  • Guess the mayor didnt like ambers comment! Talk about lack of freedom of speach! I bet everyone who posts on here at one time our another has driven k-10 above the posted speed limit.

    • While the situation involved the Mayor, this was not forced by the Mayor. This was brought about because of possible legal issues. Freedom of speech allows a person to say or write a statement, but that person the statement was made about, has the the right to sue for libel because of those statements if they are untrue. We cannot speak to the validity of the claims made. There could be an issue down the road and we wanted to protect both this site and the people commenting on this site into the future.

  • Duane, your are correct. Better drivers will prevent a large portion of wrecks. I mean, how hard is it to see in front of you a car coming across the median?? Yes, you may not be able to prevent some kind of wreck, but you could sure get your vehicle turned to keep from a head on wreck. I mean, look at how many people miss hitting a deer just by “defensive driving”!

  • Thanks for clearing up why a post was deleted Mr. Schulz.

  • I have a question. I just saw on the news Mr Hopson interviwed, and he said that he didnt grow up with any memories of k-10. I know k-10 was installed in 1976. So how old does that make him when it was installed? How can he say he didnt grow up with k-10? Is he in his 60’s?

  • @ A. Johnson, so you’re blaming the driver that was hit? In the moments that the event happened, the driver may have been doing defensive driving traits such as checking the mirrors or a blind spot before changing lanes. Don’t jump to conclusions about the victim. It’s in poor taste.