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Wednesday morning, The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce held a Legislative Kickoff Breakfast at Maceli’s Restuarant in Lawrence.  Multiple legislators that represent the various districts in the surrounding area were invited to this breakfast so that Chamber members could express their concerns and talk with their representatives about issues that likely will be coming up in the legislature this spring.

One of the legislators invited was Representative Anthony Brown, State Representative of the 38th District in Kansas which includes the city of Eudora.

Brown, in a story filed by the Lawrence Journal-World, was quoted as saying “KU and Lawrence are not very well-respected.”  Another quote was attributed to Brown about signs in local Lawrence businesses that say “Free Republic of Lawrence” and that he said “This needs to change.”

In a one-on-one interview with, Brown said these quotes were not accurate and the context of the question was not stated.  According to Brown, the question was asked how can Lawrence and KU have greater influence in the legislature?  Brown stated his response was “KU and Lawrence and not very well perceived.”  He noted that various perceptions exist and not everyone has the same perspective.   He went on to say that “If you want to change your image”, in regards to the signs noticed in some businesses, “then that’s what needs to change.”

We talked to some of the attendees of the breakfast and they stated that these comments were not even noticed by them when the comments were said.  Ruth Hughs, Eudora City Councilwoman, was one of those in attendance. She said that she was much more interested in Brown’s comments about sales taxes.

Brown also said, on the record, that he does not plan to push for the repeal of the 1 cent sales tax increase that passed in 2010.  Brown said he would “be supportive of efforts for it to be repealed.”

So what happens to the state economy and the state budget if that sales tax is repealed? That’s the feature story Thursday afternoon on

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3 Responses to Eudora News – Legistlative Priorities Breakfast

  • So John, should we start calling you Andy (Rooney) lol thanks for giving us another perspective!

  • Would you mind explaining what the “Free Republic of Lawrence” signs are all about?

    • Some shop owners in Lawrence, particularly in the Mass St. area, have signs that, in some times clever ways, sometimes in not so obvious ways, promote the fact that Lawrence is more of a liberal leaning town than most other communities in Kansas.

      For the record, we want to state that not all shops subscribe to these beliefs and individual owners have the right to express their opinions, liberal or conservative, in their own place of business.