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Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Deb Miller met with the media Friday afternoon to address the topic of cable median barriers and Governor Brownback’s letter that he sent last week.

Miller explained that KDOT will follow the directives that the Governor stated in his letter. KDOT will begin construction this summer on the Douglas County section of K-10 and make 10 foot wide shoulders on the outside and six foot shoulders on the inside portions of the highway with rumble strips.  This project, per the Governor’s request, should be completed by the end of fall.  Currently, the Johnson County section of K-10 is designed in this manner. This widening will add 3 feet to the median side of K-10.

Miller also announced the story that Eudorareporter.com broke Thursday night, about the meeting of several city and county officials which will take place on May 12th in Eudora. She also stated that the study of cable barriers that was planned for 2012 will begin this year, as the Governor also directed. No time frame was given as to when the study will take place.

Miller went on to add a point, in her words, that she wanted to make perfectly clear. “Cable barriers are not benign.  They don’t solve all the problems and can, in some situations, create problems.” Miller added “Our deliberations must center on whether they provide more benefits or create more liabilities.”

Miller also stated, “The question about this issue was not do we have the money, it’s, is this the right strategy?”

State Transportation Engineer Jerry Younger followed Secretary Miller and spoke at length how the study of cable barriers in 2008, showed that cable barriers were not appropriate at that time, according to experts involved in the study. “Cable median barriers are not a silver bullet.  There will be more crashes, more injuries and more damage.”  Younger added that “Cable median barriers were not designed to stop a large truck and there is a large concern to motorcycle riders.”

Ali Shutt, mother of Cainan Shutt who was killed in the accident on April 16 on K-10, was in attendance at the press conference and was not happy with what the Secretary had to say.  “We realize that a cable median is not going to save every wreck.  We want the cables to protect the family on the other side of the highway” Shutt said.

“We realize that it could still cause accidents, but it’s the other person on the other side that should be safe. It doesn’t mean the person who’s leaving an Easter egg hunt should be killed either.”



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6 Responses to Eudora News: KDOT not too hip on cable barriers

  • I have to give KDOT reps two thumbs up for the way they are handling this issue. They arent just reacting, they are researching all options and gathering facts. Un-like some people in Eudora who are just having a “knee jerk” reaction.

  • Do you realize that there have been 2 more crossover accidents in the last 2 weeks or so? I really dont think that a there is time for a long, drawn out process of investigation.

  • Please note, there have been problems on K-10 since it’s existence. On any given highway there are problems. Being out to commit suicide, those people are going to take themselves out along with others. People who are sleep deprived, drunk, or on a cell phone, etc., may take others out with themselves. Cable barrier’s or Concrete isn’t it up to KDOT to keep the people of Kansas and other’s safe?
    What is better Concrete or Cable Barrier’s? YOU tell us. There are enough studies in other states that can tell you without spending more than the person who is looking up the information salary to tell you this. There is not needed a Multi-thousand dollar study to tell you what is right. Every person of everywhere is worth millions…

  • Really? Where at? I would say that the best thing the state could do would be REQUIRE defensive driving coarses to either get a license, or to get a renewal license. I drive k-10 every day and see how bad people drive. Its the littlest things to. Like turning their heads to talk to a passenger or turn compeletly around to talk to kids in the back seat, or reading their darn gps units. Yes cell phones are an issue to. But I think that people need to realize just how bad they drive and not even think about it. So, education really could save life.
    Also, has anyone addressed “A johnson’s” concern about police and fire having access to cross over in case of a emergency or to catch a speeder going in the opposite direction?

  • Someone in Deb Millers position should be open to ideas’s on how to fix this problem. It sounds like she is against it and why does she need a letter from the Governor to do her job. She should have been all over this from the start. She needs to step down and put someone in there that cares and wants to work.

    Defensive driveing courses will’nt make people drive better or smarter. It would also more than likely cost the state and taxpayers more. This is ridiculous cables are proven “put them up”!!!

  • Is no one going to address the emergency service’s question? What didtance will the cables have breaks in them? WOnt the cables prevent the police from being able to stop speeders and the obvious, more cars will break the speed limit since they know that the police cant cut thru the medians until a certain distance down the road.
    Also, “DTA” your saying that defensive driving coarses dont make better drivers? I call B.S!
    Also, look at how wide the grass medians are on missouri highways vs k-10. The missouri medians are ALOT smaller than k-10 has.