Eudora News and has learned that the meeting requested by Governor Brownback in his letter to KDOT officials on April 22, has been set for May 12 at the Eudora Recreation Center.

The “local group” the Governor requested will include officials from the cities of Eudora, De Soto, Overland Park, Lawrence and Lenexa.  Also scheduled to be in attendance for the meeting are officials from KDOT,  and both Douglas and Johnson Counties.

This meeting will not be open to the public. contacted Eudora City Administrator John Harrenstein and he stated that “We realize this is a very emotional issue and those emotions are not bad.  We need representatives to feel they are able to speak freely so that the group can come to a productive resolution.”

Harrenstein did add that, while the meeting is closed,  “In the interest of being open and transparent to the public, we are inviting a select number of media outlets to the meeting so the public can be informed about what takes place.” has been selected as one of the media outlets to be in attendance at this meeting and we will have a full report on the meeting.

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3 Responses to Eudora News: KDOT meeting with local officials set

  • I am anxious to see what a fool Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson makes of himself by making demands of KDOT. I believe that he will go into this meeting thinking he is running things, being he is so tight with the governor and all. It’s just a shame it has to be behind closed doors so that the reporters can just report what they wish for people to hear.

  • Thank you John for keeping up on this. It IS a very emotional subject and I can see what kind of mob this small meeting could be avoiding. I can only hope those in attendance can keep the real issue as the main topic of conversation. As I see it, it’ not about waking up sleeping drivers (rumble strips), but more about keeping “run away” vehicles/object from crossing the median. And that includes those “accidents” that did not result in critical injuries or death. Off the top of my head, there have been far more “wrong way” drivers than deaths. One recent incident was a trailer that came off its hitch,(that one actually could have resulted in injury now that I think about it) and one was a woman who had a medical emergency (heart attack)neither of which were going at high speed, or could have been avoided by a rumble stick.

    I’ll be looking for your report!

  • The cables WONT prevent a wrong way driver! This person actually got going the wrong way via a on ramp. As far as a trailer coming loose from a hitch. That could happen ANYWHERE! Again, nothing that a cable will prevent. Injurys will happen no matter what is done to k-10. Just like any other road or highway. So come on people, THINK with some COMMON SENSE, If Eudora people still have any!