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Wrestlers from around the state converged on Eudora Middle School this weekend for a tournament sponsored by the Eudora Junior Club Wrestling Organization.

Approximately 450 wrestlers ranging in age from 6 years old to 14, competed in a two day tournament.

“We’ve got some really good competition here” Tournament Director Art Kennedy stated. “We’ve got so many kids wanting to compete in this tournament, we had turn away probably about 100 kids.”

This is the second year for the tournament in Eudora. Last year approximately 250 kids participated. “We think that word got around that we have a very well run tournament and so that opened it up this year” Kennedy said.

Julie Alexander brought her son Hagan up from Ottawa for the tournament. “It started on time, it’s flowing well,  and there are no big delays.” Alexander added that “It’s a little crowded in here, but the tournament is fine.”  Approximately 1400 people were involved in the event over the two days.

Tournament officials had 8 matches going on at the same time to try to work through the clubs and get wrestlers mat time. “We are trying to get kids as much wrestling as possible.  Usually most kids will have three to four matches in a day” said Kennedy.

Club wrestling runs from mid-December to mid-March every year with tournaments occurring almost every weekend in that period.

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