EHS Junior Alex Whitten demonstrating the new software

Eudora High School and The Kansas Department of Transportation have joined forces to test software for KDOT that will help with Airspace Awareness throughout the state of Kansas.

The Airspace Analysis tool will be available via the KDOT website and will be available to the general public. This will allow anyone the ability to plot a structure, like a wind turbine, antenna, or anything that could potentially affect air traffic from a nearby airport, and see if it causes a conflict.  This software is the first of it’s kind in the United States.

C. Edward Young,  Director of the Aviation division for KDOT is excited about the students getting their hands on this software. “The kids love in a digital environment. They understand these things, so having the the students work with the tool is one of the most beneficial things of us working together.”

Eudora High School was chosen as the test site for this software because of the wind turbine EHS is currently planning to install alongside Eudora District Stadium.

“I think this give the students the real opportunity with something that is actually happening that they can have an impact on.” Young said

While the EHS turbine does not affect the flight path into the Lawrence Municipal Airport, it does show how the impact of a structure can impede air safety.

Alex Whitten, a Junior at Eudora High, is excited about the chance to work with the software. “It’s a really great concept and it can actually be translated into future navigation for airplanes.”

The software, according to Young, is expected to be available to the general public in the next 60 to 90 days. “We’ve already had some other states inquire about this software also.”

A sample screen from the Airspace Analysis Tool

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