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The Eudora City Council is changing the policy of the City Cemetery in regards to flowers and decorations put near grave stone markers.  The City cemetery is located on 7th St on the east side of Eudora.

The new policy approved by the City Council Monday night is that between April 15 and November 15, fresh flowers, plants, artificial wreaths or flowers and shepherd hooks must be placed within the concrete foundation or on grave monuments or markers. This policy will not be in force near the Memorial Day holiday.

For 5 days before or 14 days after Memorial Day, patrons and family members can place the decorations listed above near graves as long as they are not in glass or pottery containers. City staff can remove these flowers after the two week period after Memorial Day ends. After this period, any materials that are blocking the mowers or have deteriorated, the City staff will be allowed to remove them.

Other notes in the regulations, is that patrons will not be able to plant in the ground and bushes, annuals or perennials. Benches, fences and landscaping or enclosures are also not permitted.

The reason for the new policy is to help facilitate city staff and not interfere with mowing that occurs on a regular basis in the cemetery.

During the discussion on the revised policy, Councilwoman Maria Nelson stated “I’ve seen many other cemeteries which have much stricter policies then what we have here.”

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7 Responses to Eudora News: Council changes cemetery policy

  • Does this mean that everyone who currently has plants in the ground and bushes, annuals or perennials. Benches, fences and landscaping or enclosures will be required to remove those items? It is amazing that this is a problem with mowing now when they have been mowing it for decades.

  • I agree with Duane. How can this all of a sudden be a “problem” when some of the graves have flowers growing that were planted many years ago. Seems like the city does not want the cemetery to be beautiful. I have many family members buried there and it is so pretty when the flowers are all in bloom. It is a shame there is such a crazy new policy in effect now.

  • I agree with Duane and Shorty. Mowing of the cemetery isnt anything new. My question is, since when does the city crew mow the cemetery? Last I knew, the city hired a private company to mow it. I agree with the comment on removing “deteriorated” items. Items like this make it look trashy. And the 5 days before and 14 days after Memorial day is OBSURB! Dont they realize how long flowers can bloom and look pretty?
    I bet that the city gets a ear full from the registered voters of Eudora. Did the council even ask the residents or atleast people who owne plots at the cemetery what they thought? PROBABLY NOT!
    All I see is that if they had a crew like they used to, there wouldnt be a problem like this!

  • To bad the Eudora Reporter didnt post all of what the coucil decided about this issue. How can the city not accept ANY LIABILITY to damage to stones?

  • Someone posted her on the Eudora Reporter that “people need to get involved”. Well, here is a perfect reason why people dont! They DONT KNOW ABOUT what the coucil is going to be addressing at the meetings. I have to agree with all the above statements. The city is TOTALLY wrong in setting these rules without atleast asking people who owne plots, that are still alive, at the cemetery.

    • We agree with your comment that people need to know what is going to be discussed at the meetings, prior to the meetings. We here at will be taking steps to assure that we have City Council and School Board agendas as soon as they are released and will be posting those agendas as quickly as possible prior to the meetings in the future.

      Our goal is to provide the information to help keep citizens informed. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • I want to know what the big deal is about the mowing. Last year we had to go out and weed eat around are family graves. so I want to know about the people who dont know about this and have stuff out there? What are they going to do about letting people know. so what are they going to do with all the stuff that is been planted there for year?