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The City of Eudora is taking another step to help improve the area downtown by offering grants to new and exitsing businesses.  These grants are be used to improve the attractiveness of downtown or for expansion of private businesses.

The city has set aside $21,000 for this grant program.  Businesses receiving grants would be limited to a $5,000 cap.  Most grants will be awarded around $3000.  Grants will be available on a first come first serve basis and all grants will need to be approved on a case by case basis by the City Council.

The city also defined the area of downtown as Main Street between 7th & 9th Streets and 10th Street between Spruce and Ash. While the 10th Street area is not normally considered “downtown”, there are several businesses located along this corridor that the city wanted to offer some help to also.

“This will help advance the Economic Development plan for Eudora.”  City Administrator John Harrenstein said.  “This is designed to be an easily achievable grant.”

Downtown business that wish to apply for one of the grants to be awarded should contact City Hall to obtain an application.

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One Response to Eudora News: City offering grants for downtown rehab

  • In my humble opinion, Economic Development for “Downtown” Eudora would best be created by providing space for larger and newer business buildings to be built. If the houses presently located along the eight hundred block of Main street were removed it would provide space for larger buildings to be built for business. This would also be true of the nine hundred block on the East side, if the School Board goes ahead with plans to remove the old school building. The present buildings downtown are not large enough for most businesses now a days, except for small specialty types stores or offices. The larger businesses would draw more people downtown and in turn help the existing businesses because of the increase in people. The increase in people traffic would cause small businesses to locate in the existing older empty buildings as well.