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Recently, in the comment section of our story about the city cemetery policy changes, one of readers stated the following:

“Someone posted here on the EudoraReporter that “people need to get involved”. Well, here is a perfect reason why people don’t! They DON’T KNOW ABOUT what the council is going to be addressing at the meetings. “

We here at want to provide the information readers want most.  This has been our goal since Day 1 and will continue to be our goal long into the future.

From now on, we will publish the business items listed on agendas for public meetings so that you know what is coming up and if there is a topic that you have an opinion about, you can choose to attend that meeting.

One thing to keep in mind is that agendas can change and be either added to or reduced for a variety of reasons, sometimes, up to the beginning of that meeting.

Coming up this Monday night at the Eudora City Council meeting:

Consider approving a cereal malt beverage license for Jerry Donlan.

Consider conditional approval of agreement with USD 491, Eudora Township Library, and the City of Eudora for demolition of property at 10th and Main Street and authorize the city administrator to sign the agreement.

Consider approving staff to issue bids for 2011 road improvements.

Consider approving Resolution 2011-02 authorizing the city administrator to submit a Safe Routes to Schools grant application to KDOT.

Consider approving staff to participate in a facilitated discussion with Douglas County and RWD4 regarding potential mediation for boundary issues.

Consider vehicle purchase for public works.

Consider scheduling a 2012 budget goal setting retreat.

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3 Responses to Eudora News: City Council Meeting Agenda – April 11

  • Thank you John! I actually see information I’m interested in! The Safe routes to schools grant, the RWD4 mediation & conditional approval of the old school demolition! Now I wish I could be there! But alas, I am out of town… Thanks for adding this info!

  • I see in the agenda something that is very up-setting to me. Why in the world would Eudora want to demolish a perfectly good building? Typical Eudora fashion. Dont use a building that could house anything from apartments, to office space. Why would the school district not try and sell the property and building before SPENDING money to have them torn down? Oh, I know, that would make sense!

  • This is great. I enjoyed learning all the issues the city council went over last year as I waited for a decision on my curb-side recycling service. But with school meetings, concerts, sports, church, and other evening activities sometimes you just want a night at home. Now that I know what the issues are I can better plan for my evenings. Thank you!