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Eudora Police are asking the public to stay off the streets unless it’s an emergency.

“Crews are working as hard as they can, but with the snow coming down so fast, they can’t keep up with it.”  Police Chief Grady Walker stated.

Cars stuck in snow or blocking roadways make it difficult for crews to clean roadways and put them farther behind.

Again, unless it’s an emergency, police urge people to simply stay home.

The Blizzard Warning is still in effect until 6AM Wednesday morning. Forecasters predict 9 to 13 inches before the snow ends later on tonight.  Winds will be blowing 20 to 3omph with gusts to 40 mph, causing significant blowing and drifting of snow. With the winds, wind chills will be in the 15 to 25 degree below zero range.

Interstate 70 between St. Louis and Kansas City is closed

Closing update – The Eudora Rec Center will close at 6:00PM this evening.

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One Response to Eudora News ALERT: Travel not Advised

  • The Eudora City crew did a FANTASTIC job clearing all the streets! Thank you very much!! All the streets would have been cleaned except for those who wouldn’t move their cars!