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Election results are in!

Elected to the Eudora City Council: Ruth Hughs, Kenny Massey, John Fiore

In the School Board Race:  Maring appears to be going down in defeat. All other candidates are in. Pyle beating Rehmer by only 3 votes counting Douglas and Johnson county numbers. No reports on Leavenworth yet.

More details, comments from winners and losers and final School Board numbers coming soon here at

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4 Responses to Eudora News ALERT: FINAL Election Results!

  • Thanks for doing a very good job on covering the Eudora election, tonight and before the election.

    I am looking forward to you some day being able to expand and cover the local sports events. There are lots of school and recreation sports to try to cover I know.

    Thank you.

  • Sorry to hear that Jerry Trober didn’t win. He is all for change and the people of Eudora. We need that change. The tope two people are small minded and care more for themselves than the towns people. More people should have voted. People open your eyes your choices are not good for the town and the people.

  • Who is to say who really won. I don’t believe ny of you.

  • @Candy:
    What an interesting comment. If you don’t believe the numbers you should check with the Douglas County Election office.
    To make life easy for you, here is the link,