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Eudora High School English teacher Kurt Brundage, 32, was arrested in Sedgwick County Friday on three counts of rape, one charge of rape – sexual intercourse without consent and use of force, two counts of indecent liberties with a child and one charge of electronic solicitations where the offender believes the child is between 14 and 16 years of age.

According to an e-mail sent out by Eudora High School Principal G.A. Buie to parents, he stated the charges are not related to any students in the Eudora School District as far as the School District is aware.

The Eudora Police Department informed the School District Superintendent, Don Grosdidier over the weekend about the arrest and School District officials have placed Brundage on paid administrative leave until further notice.

According to School District Spokesperson Kristin Magette, Brundage is in his first year with the Eudora School District.  Prior to his employment in Eudora, Brundage worked in the Wichita School District.

“This is a deeply troubling situation to learn of, but I want you to know that we have a host of procedures and programs in place to protect the best interests of our students,” Buie stated in his letter. “Any student with concerns or sensitive information to share about Mr. Brundage – or any other adult – is urged to contact the Eudora Police Department or visit with any one of our excellent mental Health professionals at EHS.”

03-13-2012 8:30 AM Update:  Grosdidier reiterated Buie’s statement in an interview Tuesday morning with

“My biggest concern is that our students are taken care of,” Grosdidier said. “Our concern is that are students are always safe and we encourage them to share any concerns they have with any school officials, Eudora Police, or any trusted adults.”

Grosdidier stated that  the School District has not been contacted by Sedgwick County authorities and they have no indication that any charges are related to students in the Eudora School District.


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4 Responses to Eudora High School teacher arrested in Wichita for rape

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  • what a sick basterd

  • We will alert everyone that we will be moderating the comments about this post very carefully and very deliberately. Considering the nature of the alleged crimes, we ask that people be very careful in what you say in the comment section.

    Remember, in this case, the suspect has only been arrested. He has not been officially charged yet and is innocent until proven guilty.

    There was an editorial debate in regards to releasing the name of the suspect and I decided to go ahead and do so in this case since the School District had already sent a note to parents naming the suspect.

  • I was a student of Brundage in 06-07 and i can tell you this young lady was not the first. I read his chapter 8 in this new book he is writing and he said he is deeply remorseful, but i can assure you there was no remorse for his actions before this young lady.I can say with confidence, he was a great teacher and easily liked by everyone but as i got closer to Brundage it did not take long to see that he was not the amazing family man he wanted everyone to see