Kevin_KopeckyEudora Football Coach Kevin Kopecky resigns following one season at the helm (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

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While the basketball team is in Park City tearing up the hardwood,  it appears the football program has some upheaval.  The Lawrence Journal-World is reporting that Head Coach Kevin Kopecky has tendered his resignation as head football coach.

Kopecky has coached in Eudora one season and the resignation came as a surprise to many.  Following the Cardinals season ending loss to the Baldwin City Bulldogs, Kopecky talked about the future of the program giving no indication that the 2013 campaign would be his only one.

“The wheels are turning already. We got to work really hard in the offseason,” Kopecky told us. “”I’m really excited about the future. We got a lot of young kids on this football team and I know they’ll put in the work and were going to be okay next season.”

During Kopecky’s single season with the Eudora High football team, he compiled a 5-4 record and failed to make the playoffs. One of the things that hurt the Cardinals during the season was the loss of Senior Quarterback Andrew Ballock who was injured during the game against St. James Academy.  Following that injury, the Cards went 1-3 with a makeshift lineup to fill in for the injured star.

We will be following up on this story and have reached out to Kopecky and EHS Administrators.  We will update the story when we learn more information.

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7 Responses to Eudora Football Coach resigns coaching position

  • This is NOT what he want to do. If you want the truth ask the student body about what really happened and who is behind this.

  • I agree with Kelly. Student body knows exactly who, and where this is coming from. Football needs stability, not one year because someone did not agree with technique or the outcome of a game or a student not getting the right props. Takes more than one year to mold a team that plays together and communicates and works real hard from the heart. Good luck, coach! We won’t always agree with everyone, but we will respect one another.

  • Any coach would have had the same kind of season. They lost good players last year and they have a young team. The problem is the parents of a few athletes who think their sons are a lot better than they actually are. They think they can dictate how things are going to go…and, well, they obviously can. I’m really disappointed in the administration for allowing this kind of thing to happen. Everyone here knows what really happened and who is really responsible. The majority of the people do not agree with these few who have very loud voices. It’s sad that a few people who aren’t happy with anything can get a man fired from his job…and after only one season. Good luck Coach.

  • This is starting to sound as if it should have never taken place. The powers that be need to take a look at this. EUDORA SCHOOL BOARD maybe it is time for you to question something and start making changes or are you part of the problem.

  • i feel that he lost good players due to injury, but had good players to fill in the vacancy left, his playbook, his style just didnt cut it, im an ex player, trust me he didnt fit, made big promises didnt fulfill them.

  • If you think it’s all coaching see how your former coach did at his new school. Can’t get things done in one year. Shame on you.

  • Was he dipping his hands in the piggy bank again, like he did at STA and Leavenworth. He is the Dennis Franchione of high school football. Kevin can run but he can’t hide. Certainly no one else will give the guy a chance.