At last night’s City Council meeting, the Eudora Area Historical Society (EAHS) presented the City of Eudora and the Eudora City Council with framed copies of the original Deed to the City of Eudora and the only known image of Eudora’s namesake, Eudora Fish.

The original Deed to Eudora is perhaps the most historic document relating to the City of Eudora. The Deed came under the care of the EAHS in November of 2012. The original Deed to the City of Eudora, is the document whereby Shawnee Indian Paschal Fish transferred ownership of his land to a German Immigrant group that founded Eudora in 1857. The Deed was signed by Paschal Fish, and agents for the German Immigrant group: Louis W. Pfeif and Charles Durr.  The Deed was ratified on February 4, 1860.

The quest to find this historic document started in the summer of 2012 when John Harrenstein, the City Administrator for Eudora, asked if the EAHS had the original Deed. We did not have the Deed and therefore went on a mission to locate it, if the original Deed even still existed. Considering the document was created over 150 years ago, there was significant cause to believe the document was lost to history.

We started to contact various families that we thought might be in possession of the Deed. After several weeks of calling different families, we were able to reach a family that knew of the Deed and informed us they donated it to the Douglas County Historical Society in 2010. The Douglas County Historical Society was able to locate the Deed and donate it to the EAHS last November. The Deed is in good shape considering its age. The original Deed will remain in closed, secure storage to enable its long-term preservation.

The EAHS also presented the City of Eudora with a framed copy of a tintype photograph of Eudora Fish, the namesake for our community. Eudora Fish was the daughter of Paschal Fish and was born in the late 1840s. When Eudora, Kansas was settled in 1857, the German immigrants that founded Eudora named the community after her. The tintype shows Eudora as a young woman and was presumably created in the late 1860s. Eudora Fish married, had four children and died in 1877 in LaCynge, KS.

Please stop by the Eudora Community Museum to view copies of the original Deed to Eudora and the only known image of Eudora Fish. The Eudora Community Museum is located in the former Nottingham Elementary building and is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Admission is free.

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