EES Weather StationThe new weather station atop the roof at Eudora Elementary School (photo courtesy the Eudora School District) 

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Eudora has a new source for current weather conditions. Kyle Stadalman, a fifth-grade teacher and Sarah Johnson a fourth-grade teacher at Eudora Elementary School worked together to procure a grant from the  Eudora Schools Foundation to purchase a weather station for the school. The duo won the grant and the weather station was installed in late November.

Stadalman said that a school inservice session was the catalyst for bringing this project to life.

“I had the idea of installing our own weather station for a while, and then when the grant application process was introduced during the August back-to-school inservice, I knew that would provide a great opportunity to get the funds needed to make the station,” Stadalman said.  “The foundation was pushing teachers to work collaboratively, which made me think of Sarah Johnson as a colleague I thought would be just as excited as I was at the prospect of having our own weather station.”

The pair of teachers began to work together on the grant proposal which received approval in October and immediately they got to work on making the station a reality.

“Ron Long jumped on board to offer advice from an IT perspective, Stadalman stated.  “He really helped move our project forward by helping us pick out our station, ordering all of the necessary wiring components, researched and helped pick out a web cam, and helped install the system on the top of the roof.  He and his IT team were so knowledgeable and helpful when it came to carrying out our project.”

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While having an easy way to see what the temperature, forecast and current conditions are via the internet, the station will help in classroom studies as well.

“The next generation science standards, which the state of Kansas has adopted and will begin implementation on next year, has weather as a major standard in Kindergarten and third grade.  In 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th, earth’s systems and cycles are a major standard,” Stadalman told us.  “These standards are all major aspects of the science curriculum for each grade level, and also will be able to utilize the weather station to teach hands-on, with real-life equipment and data taken straight from the roof of the school.”

Stadalman said he and other teachers can use data and video from the station to not only aid in instruction, it will allow students to analyze, comprehend and even predict the weather.

“The data this station provides will be extremely useful and motivating to students and teachers in the classroom,” Stadalman said.  “We have always had access  to this type of data, but now it is our very own.  I think students will find more excitement and be more proud of the fact that the data is coming from their own building.  It is authentic, real-life, real-world learning using information and data made straight from our building.”

Stadalman has also been working to bring this data to the rest of Eudora. In conjunction with this project, has changed our weather app located on the right hand side of all our pages to reflect data coming directly from the school via Weather Underground.  While the widget right now displays the temperature and current conditions, you can click on the widget to go to the Weather Underground web page and see the weather data that is being used in the classroom.

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