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We are live in Lawrence giving you the up to the minute results of the 2012 Primary Races.  There are two main races we will be following through the evening.  We are watching the Republican 42nd Kansas House District and the 3rd Senate District. We also will give you updates on the Democratic US House 2nd District Race.

11:45 PM Update: 

The 2nd US House Race is final. Topeka minister Tobias Schlingensiepen had edged out Robert Eye by 1409 votes.  Schlingensiepen will face Lynn Jenkins in the November general election.

11:10 PM Update:

While the Kansas House and Senate races for our area have been decided for some time, the one race that still is going on is for the Democrats is the race to see who will face Rep. Lynn Jenkins for the 2nd District US House seat.

Early on, Robert Eye had a commanding lead but that has been usurped by Tobias Schlingensiepen.  With 839 of 895 precincts reporting, Schlingensiepen has a 1410 vote lead over Robert Eye.  Scott Barnhart is currently third and nearly 2800 votes behind Eye.

While it appears that Schlingensiepen appears to be in control, anything can happen in the remaining 56 precincts.

Surprisingly, though he is in third, Barnhart has won 12 of the of 25 counties in the District and currently leads in four others.  Most of the counties won though are in less populated areas.

9:30 Update:

With the Leavenworth Precincts now fully reporting the results, we are declaring Anthony Brown and Connie O’Brien victorious in the primaries.

In Leavenworth County, Brown received 1491 votes to J.C Tellefson’s 985.  In Douglas County, with 23 of 26 precincts in, Brown has 1406 votes to Tellefson’s 406.

In the 42 House Race, Leavenworth County voters chose Connie O’Brien over Sandra Bohne 819 – 540.  In Douglas County O’Brien has 199 – 74.  There is only one precinct outstanding in Douglas County.

9:15PM Update:

We are still watching the numbers come in. Anthony Brown has a 3-1 lead in Douglas County with 23 of 26 precincts reporting.  In Leavenworth County, Brown leads 57% to 43% with 13 of 17 precincts in.

In the Race for the House, Connie O’Brien has nearly a 3-1 lead in Douglas County over challenger Sandra Bohne, with the race in Leavenworth County similar to the Senate Race 58% – 42%.

It looks like we are getting close to the end of the results. We will keep you updated through the evening.


8:30PM Update: Leavenworth County numbers have been updated and the races for both the House and Senate have gotten closer.

When you combine the two counties for the Senate, Anthony Brown still has a large lead 73% to 27%.

Connie O’Brien leads with 66% -34%.

8:20 PM Update: In the Democratic Race for the US House of Representatives, with 95 of 895 precincts reporting, Robert Eye has opened up a large lead over current 2nd place Tobias Schlingensiepen

Robert Eye – 1619

Tobias Schlingensiepen – 961

Scott Barnhart – 464

8:10PM Update: Numbers are now starting to roll in from Douglas County.  Anthony Brown has a large lead in the early Douglas County Numbers 73% – 27%.  Combined between Leavenworth and Douglas County, Brown has 62% to Tellefson’s 38%.

7:27 PM Update: Moments after we posted, the first numbers are rolling in from Leavenworth County.

In the 42nd House, Connie O’Brien is leading the race but it is a bit closer. O’Brien has a 59% – 41% over Sandra Bohne in a combination of both counties.

In the 3rd Senate Race in Leavenworth County,  Anthony Brown has an early lead over J.C Tellefson 57% to 43%. Just under 300 votes have been counted.

In the 42nd House Battle, Connie has a slight lead over Sandra Bohne by the same margin. In that race, only 160 votes have been counted.


7:20 PM Update: No results yet. As soon as the first numbers come in we will keep you posted.

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