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With just a few days before the November election, we wanted to take a straw poll and see who you are thinking about for the major elected offices.

On the right hand side of our website is polls for the US Congressional race, Kansas House and Senate and County Commissioner races.  You can only select one candidate per race.

While our results are nowhere near scientific, it’s always interesting to see what the beliefs of the voting public are.

Make sure to vote for your candidate and tell the rest of Eudora what you are thinking. Polls will be open until Tuesday evening.

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8 Responses to Election Polls

  • Also remember to vote NO to the form of Goverment change in Eudora.

  • It would give your argument a lot more credibility if you were to give a reason why we should blindly follow your command. (Of course I voted early, and not the way you commanded me to, so I am so terribly sorry, sir that I did not bow down to your desires.)

  • Following the same reasoning “thebcman” you did not give any reason to vote for the change. So both gave no reason.

  • If the change is made you will see a divided city unlike you have ever seen. It will lead to a lot of money being tossed to the mayors (whomever it is) pet projects.
    Eudora is not large enough to deal with the new ways if it passes and Eudora is too old school to make it work.
    If your looking to have the bad issues that Lawrence has and worse money woes, then by all means change the system and see how long it takes to go bad..
    Eudora is sinking into a black hole of debt now that it may not make it out of, but change what you have and that hole will get DEEPER and toxic.

  • I’ve been very disappointed by the Brown vs. Holland campaign in both directions. One seems to distort the truth while the other whines about it. There’s been little talk about the future with either and I feel as though once the election is done, regardless of who would win, we would get little real support from either.

  • Its not about Bowing down! its about standing up for Eudora’s future, you vote however you like. Certainly hope you did not do it just to go against businessman? If so, how mature of you! I will vote for a better future, and praying the outcome will come about swiftly. It is not about following someone elses beliefs, nor going against them either. It is about the integrity of our community and the growth of our beautiful city. And MC, well put. I feel the same way. Quit the slamming and mud slinging campaigns and tell us in the 13th hour what we you do for us?? It is not about who did or didnt help the campaign to install the cables, or even who said the “dead weight” comments, which never bared to be repeated in my book. It is about who is the better candidate, who will work for us. What will better Eudora, think about it. Make your vote/decisions count. Dont just do anything to slam someone else. MAy the Best Man or Woman in some cases win in all the upcoming elections. Come Wed. morning, its anyones guess the outcome..

  • better future hit the nail on the head.
    I am only putting my opinion out there, use your brains to study the issue and vote for what YOU want, not me nor anyone else.
    I for one will be leaving Eudora in the future and have no horse in the race , but will vote this election the way i would if i was going to stay here.

  • If truly thinking about the future, as it regards the children and youth of Eudora in regards to the education they will receive, there is no possible way that anyone in their right mind can cast a vote for Anthony Brown. He does not support funding of public education. That is a fact. Look at his voting record if you don’t believe me. All of his votes are part of the public record. He does not support funding of public education. He may be a part of the overall Eudora community, but does not vote to support it. The current form of Education Funding in the state of Kansas has benefited Eudora as much as any school district in the state. Equalized school funding works, and we are proof of it. If the funding method is changed as Brownback and his minions (one being Brown) desire, we will see sever dismantling of some of the great changes we have made. Please, I say please, keep our children in the forefront of your thought as you venture out to vote tomorrow. We need Tom Holland in the State Senate. Our children need Tom Holland in the State Senate.