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11:50PM Update:

According to our numbers, Sen. Tom Holland has defeated Anthony Brown for the 3rd Senate Seat. Holland won 53% – 47 %.  Brown fell nearly 1800 votes short in the balloting.  While Brown took Leavenworth County, the lead Holland had in Douglas County was too much to overcome.

We will hopefully bring reactions from all the candidates during the day on Wednesday.

11:40 PM Update:

Connie O’Brien has won another term in the Kansas State House. with 85% of the precincts reporting, O’Brien leads 63% to 37% over Harold Fevurly.

11:35PM Update:

The 3rd Senate District race has some updated numbers.  With 73% of the vote in, Holland leads 53% – 47%.  about 1500 votes separate the two.  Brown still has more ground to cover but he has come up significantly. This race is still too close to call.  This could be an extremely tight finish.

10:50PM Update:

With 72% of precincts reporting in the 2nd Congressional District in, we project that Lynn Jenkins will win reelection to House of Representatives.  Jenkins has a 58% to 38% over challenger Tobias Schlingensiepen.

In the races for the Kansas State House, there are too many precincts to yet report to call these races. We will continue to follow these races into the night and report as they become final.

10:35PM Update:

We finally have some final numbers from Douglas County.

Nancy Thellman has defeated Frank Male 62% to 38% in the Race for 2nd District County Commissioner.

Also the form of government in Eudora will change. 67% of Eudora voters were in favor of moving to a Commissioner-Manager form of government.

We are still waiting on the State races.  We will follow that up shortly.

10:20PM Update:

Just wanted to update everyone that we have not had any additional numbers of late in the races in our area. We suppose everyone is celebrating the fact that President Barack Obama appears to have been re-elected.

9:45PM Update:

Douglas County has not reported any new numbers lately.  Other county numbers are starting to trickle in.  In the US Congress race, Jenkins is starting to gain a lead 55% to 41% with 48% of the District reporting.

In the 3rd Senate Race, Holland still leads 59% to 41% with 50% reporting. 3200 votes separate Holland from Brown.

9:15PM Update:

In the 2nd US Congressional Race, the numbers are starting to balance out.  With 35% of the vote in, Lynn Jenkins now leads Tobias Schlingensiepen 51% to 45%. This race, at the moment, is much closer than was expected. It will be interesting to watch.

In the 3rd Kansas Senate Race, with 42% of the vote in, Tom Holland has a large lead over Anthony Brown, 67% to 33%.  The votes totals are primarily made up of Lawrence. It will be interesting to see if Brown can make up the ground with Leavenworth County not having yet reported.

8:55 PM Update:

We are officially calling the County Commissioner race.

With 75% of the precincts reporting, Nancy Thellman looks like she will defeat Frank Male handily.  Currently, Thellman leads 68% to 32%.

8:45PM Update:

In the 2nd US Congressional Race, with only 7% reporting, Tobias Schlingensiepen leads 51% – 45%.

Oh and Mitt Romney is leading President Barack Obama  56% – 43% in the state of Kansas.

8:35PM Update:

Here are some updated numbers from the State races:

In the 3rd State Senate Race, with 18% of the vote in, Tom Holland leads 68% – 32%.

In the 42nd State House race with 15% in, Connie O’Brien leads Harold Fevurly Jr. 61% – 39%.

In the County Commissioner race, with  46% reporting, Nancy Thellman leads 70% over Frank Male 30%

On the form of government change, the votes numbers have increased, but the margin remains the same Yes 68% – No 32%


8:10PM Update:

Douglas County has finally posted some very early numbers.  These numbers will change significantly as the night rolls on.

In the County Commissioner race, Nancy Thellman has 70% of the vote to Frank Male’s 30%.

In the 3rd State Senate Race, Tom Holland leads 72% – 29%.

In the 42 Kansas House Race, Connie O’Brien leads 53% – 47

Form of Government change: Yes 68% – No 32%

These numbers are a very small percentage and will change greatly in the next couple of hours. Stay tuned…..


7:40  PM Update:

Just so that you can compare later on, here are the final results from our polls that we had on the website the last week.  These are unofficial results and are not ballot numbers.

2nd US Congressional District

Lynn Jenkins (R) 65%

Tobias Schlingensiepen (D) 32%

Dennis Hawver (L) 3%

3rd Kansas Senate

Anthony Brown (R) 55%

Tom Holland (D) 45%

42nd Kansas House

Connie O’Brien (R) 66%

Harold Fevurly Jr. (D) 34%

2nd District County Commission

Frank Male (R) 63%

Nancy Thellman (D) 37%


7:00 PM Update:

The polls have just closed in Kansas.  As soon as the numbers start rolling in we will update them right here.  Make sure you check out the site often. We will also post blasts to our Facebook and Twitter account when there is an update as well.  We will keep you informed throughout the night.

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