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by Nick Becker, sophomore at Eudora High School

In a ceremony on April 26, Ronald McDonald House representative Alan Lubert received pop tabs collected by Eudora High School students throughout the school year. EHS participated in a campaign called “Making a Difference One Pop Tab at a Time.” The idea is to simply remove a tab from any aluminum can and give to the charity. The students set posters up, put tubes around the school, and even created a Facebook group. By doing so, the school raised approximately 120,000 tabs.

The Ronald McDonald House Foundation shelters families while children are hospitalized. Since most of the families do not live close to the hospital, caring for children can be difficult. The House allows them to stay near to check in with the children. Many families stay from six to eight months. There are two Ronald McDonald Houses in Kansas City, and they are among the busiest in the United States. The Ronald McDonald House Kansas City opened their doors for the first time in 1981. The first house was too crowded for all of the incoming families, so in 2006 a completely new Ronald McDonald House was built with 41 rooms. Today, there is once again a waiting list. Every night 10 to 12 families enter the house.

Tabs may be dropped off at the house or a representative can pick them up. Tabs are sold to the Wabash Iron & Metal Company. Tabs are worth more than cans because they are pure aluminum and can be melted down and reused.

In addition to tabs, the Ronald McDonald House now accepts keys.  Lock mechanisms are also accepted since they may also be of use for their brass.

The house collected $25,000 in tabs last year alone, and since brass is worth three times as much as aluminum, one ton of keys will make $5000 for the organization.  On the first day the organization accepted brass, a total of 600 pounds was collected.

Volunteer work is also welcome and needed because the Ronald McDonald House raises 90% of funding on their own. Some volunteers may actually get to cook so the families can have a hot meal whenever they need to go home. A volunteer shift runs from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.

For more information on how you can help the Ronald McDonald House Charities or to find out how you can volunteer, visit the organization on, call (816) 421-1753 x118, or contact Alan Lubert at

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