Landon WalrodLandon Walrod shortly after enrollment at the United States Air Force Academy (photo courtesy Cherri Walrod)

Landon Walrod is adjusting to the life of a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.  Walrod entered the Academy this summer after graduating from Eudora High School in May.  It was no easy feat to get there, let alone meet the demands of USAFA life.  Walrod competed with more than 12,000 other students for admission to the Academy which only accepts approximately 1,000 students annually.

Walrod has begun work in June on a Bachelor of Science degree and what time time isn’t devoted to academic studies, the Air Force makes sure to fill with military training.  The academy will afford Walrod the opportunity to pursue a major in one of 31 different academic areas ranging from political science to engineering.

Once Walrod graduates, he will have had the chance to participate in many leadership development programs including flight training, parachuting and various other military programs. Walrod will commissioned in the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and serve for eight years in the USAF following graduation.  Many academy graduates go on to leadership positions in the military and government.

Walrod’s mother Cherri says that Landon has faced some difficult challenges in his few short months at the academy, but he is overcoming them and prepared for the challenge of being a cadet in the Air Force.


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