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There are at least three things you can count on in a small town like Eudora.  There is rarely a traffic jam, almost everyone in town knows everyone else and the rumor mill is one of the biggest and most quickly spreading forms of communication.  While lack of traffic and families getting to know each other are very good things, the rumor mill can be quite dangerous.  The rumor mill can kill a business in a week. It can blow things out of proportion, or it can utterly destroy people’s lives.

Many times, we have heard rumors about many things. While it’s our job to look into these rumors, about 90% of the time, they are either completely untrue or only partially correct. Here are three very recent examples.

A few weeks ago, I received a call from one of the owners of Rebel Roxie Rose telling me that a lot of people have been saying they are going out of business. Later, from another source, I even heard it was attributed partially to me.   Just to dispel that rumor, Rebel Roxie Rose is in good shape and doing well.  They recently signed a new lease for the building they rent just west of 10th and Main (the building previously occupied by Byrne’s Pharmacy).  They are not going anywhere.  In my conversations over time, I know it was a little slow for them and there was some concern from the owners, but according to Sandy Clark, traffic has picked up for them and they are in it for the long haul. The ladies there are working hard and doing everything they can to support the community and try to make a living while doing it. Kudos to them for sticking through a slow patch and trying to grow their business.

Here’s one that not only we have heard, but the Eudora School District has also heard:

The other day I received a call from someone who told me that the Police Department is pulling the School Resource Officer and ending the DARE program.  This was not the first call I have gotten about this situation and most likely, it wont be the last.

Let’s put this one to rest also. We have been working on this story for a while now. The following is courtesy The Eudora School District website section entitled “Rumor Watch”

Rumor: I heard that the Eudora School District will not have a dedicated school resource officer next year. Is this true? (6/28/12)
Fact: The school resource officer program came to Eudora many years ago through a grant. In the years since the grant funding expired, it has been up to the Eudora Police Department to make decisions about funding, employing and assigning an officer within the schools. At this time, the district has not been notified that the SRO program has been cut.

Eudora Schools leaders fully support the SRO model, should the Eudora Police Department continue to employ and assign an officer in this position.

The information that we have at this time is that the Eudora Police Department is in the process of deciding the future of the School Resource Officer position. NO decision has yet been made as of Friday afternoon.  We have talked to several city officials, including the Police Department, and confirmed this.  While the city is exploring the option of re-purposing the SRO to other activities in the PD, Chief Grady Walker has told us that the DARE Program will continue no matter what and that the program is in no danger.  This rumor has spread like a wild fire in a dry Kansas summer. In the many times I have heard it, the conclusion to the scenario has been different each time.

(Side Note: How bad is it that a rumor mill exists and that the School District has to dedicate a section of their website just to address rumors. If you want to check it out, you can click HERE to visit the site.)

I received a call on Saturday that asked me if I knew that construction on the new Public Safety Building was going to start next week.  Let’s knock this one out too.  The Public Safety building is not breaking ground next week.  I’ve been to almost every City Council meeting this year and while the topic has been discussed a lot, there has not been any firm plans presented and there has not been a vote of the City Council to raise he mill levy which will be needed to fund the proposed building.  Did they talk about a $4.025 million building originally at 10th & Main – yes. Did they put the brakes on that and say we can’t spend that much money and look for an alternative location – yes. Did they decide to go back to 10th & Main after an alternate location could not be secured – yes. Did they pass everything needed including a tax increase and plans to move forward with the project – NO (not by a long shot).  Will that come – maybe/likely.  We have confirmed that the building is no where near a construction date anytime soon.  We talked with multiple Council members and city officials.

(Side note #2:  Thanks to those officials who took my calls on a Saturday to help confirm that.)

Rumors can hurt people. If people would have believed the ones about Rebel Roxie Rose, the business might have gone down the tubes. Luckily, it’s not.  Rumors can impact someone in their earning a living, their future and the town in general. Before you say to someone else what you heard, you might want to make sure to have all the facts. was started for one main reason: We heard some rumors about the City Council and we decided to check it out and find out if it was true.  Those rumors were, big surprise coming here, not true.  It was because of this, we decided it was time to take the step and start our news and information service so that the people could be informed and educated about what was going on around town.  This includes events, happenings, new businesses coming and going and yes, rumors.  Are we the only way to learn about what is going on? No, of course not.  Being a part of your community and engaged in your community is the way you learn.  While we may not have every item that goes on in town, we try to report on as much as we can. We work hard to find out the facts and share those facts with you and your neighbors.  Some stories take time to develop and some times there is no story because it ends up not being completely untrue.  Before you repeat something to someone else, take time to read this site or check out the facts via the school’s rumor watch or talk to someone who knows what is really happening.

We hope you check out our site to verify something you may have heard. If you hear of something, we welcome a phone call or an email.  We will check it out as soon as possible.  When rumors are in fact true, you will see it reported on this site.  We won’t report on something that is false or unsubstantiated.  If you want to see what has occurred about the Public Safety building, you can simply do a search in the box on the upper left hand corner of our site on “Public Safety Building”. It will bring up several stories on the topic.  In he coming weeks, we will be keeping a close eye on the Police Department and as soon as they make a decision about what they are going to do in regards to the SRO position, we will write the story.  We will continue to follow the long process of the Public Safety Building and let you know what develops.  We will continue to track down things we hear and present to you the facts as accurately as possible with no editorial spin.  Every story we put on this website starts out with “Eudora News and Information”.  It doesn’t say “Eudora Rumors”.  That’s our job and our commitment to the citizens of Eudora.

– John Schulz, Managing Editor

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5 Responses to Editorial: Rumors

  • Latest rumor i heard was that the “Chineese bought Eudora ”
    and it was going to be outsourced to Japan.
    I do however still hear rumors of 2 more businesses that are going to toss in the towls.
    What the heck, its Eudora , not much makes it here for long. – 2 out of 50 people in this town shop here other than C&S for some food when they cant get to Lawrence or JOCO .
    How about our streets ?
    Any chance our fantastic city leaders can get a real blacktop company to come in and put real streets in , not the crap chip and seal washboard CRAP rough , bad , cracked , buckeled up streets ?
    HAPPy 4TH everyone , be safe.

  • If more people would do something productive with their lives other then taking wagers on who is going out, Eudora could be a more supportive town.. I at least put my real name down and you always know who I am.. Do you support local business’? I guess some have nothing better to do then to talk crap.. I myself have never believed any of the rumors in our town, and say if you have that much time on your hands in your household, you must be perfect? You can keep your rumor mills to yourself.. I could fill this whole paper with all the rumors I have heard all the 20+ years I have lived here.. I hope for much success for all the local business’ and it is people like yourself that is part of the problem with why Eudora stagnates.. Lose the chip and become part of the solution.. I wish some of the people who are so set on ruination of our township and sit around ho humming all the time would have a nightmare like Scrooge and realize hey, you have money and you dont want to do anything to help anyone, and you would rather share your miseries with everyone by crabbing about this or that.. My 4th will be happy, and each and every day, because each day I make something productive out of and dont sit around talking about doom and gloom.. I would be happy if we had dirt roads, but this town has come a long way, and I am betting it will continue to do so, with or without yours or any of the people who have money and could contribute to rebuilding say some of the historic bldgs downtown? Making this town even more fantastic.. At the end of the day, us nice folks are getting even more poor and you all with your money well you hold on to that hope it keeps you warm at night.. You cannot take it with you, and when you get to the pearlies, and you will soon enough, hope they dont have the EASY button, and what will your answer be when he asks what did you do? SO instead of hiding behind some title that makes you look all knowing, lest say ye come forward and use your real name, or are you chicken to do so? You can find me being a part of our community, and you can begin your wagering right now that what I do will fail, because I for one don’t care what people think of what I do, or who I am, got over that after living in grandview mobile home sir for almost 18 yrs… I have some tough skin.. SO I would challenge you to come out mr. BM and be a part of the solution to changing the old and tired belief system and rumor mills of years gone by.. Just look around and see all the new blood we have here and you will smell the success….

  • Well i own a Eudora business and support Eudora businesses very much.
    I can`t help it if i know other business owners that are going to hang it up, heck everyone quits sometime down the road.
    As youl notice i wont put a name to the business and the reason why is they may change there mind and stay, hope they do, but i can`t make them.
    The rumor of course about the Chineese buying Eudora was a joke, LOL seems like they are buying everything else.
    I do still think the streets SUCK though.
    I am having a real tough time figuring out why the new chip and seal on all the corners ?????? What is up with that ???????

  • Great article. Thank you!

  • yeah and they need to stop the rumor stuff. They need to be educated on how its not right to spread lies about people and everyone doesn’t know everybody, they know of everybody. knowing someone is knowing them personally and i don’t think everyone sits and gets to know everyone personally.