One of the stranger phenomenon’s that I have seen in my 2 1/2 years of covering Eudora is going on right now. There seems to be extreme apathy in regards to tomorrow’s election (yes, tomorrow is Election Day!)

For all three previous elections I have covered, voter interest in the candidates was prevalent.  People seemed concerned about who the candidates were and interested in their stances on various issues. You would talk to  shop keepers in town and their customers were always talking about it.  This time around, no one is talking about the election.  I lost count of the number of times, when talking to those business owners and various citizens in Eudora, they have said “Oh there’s an election coming up?”

This election is important for the very fact that the members we elect to the School Board and the City Commission will be making a determination on who the future day to day leader of the School District and City staff is.  The last time the groups made this decision they both selected good choices in Don Grosdidier and John Harrenstein. Both those groups have had some changeover since those decisions.  Now, each body will be finding the replacements for those individuals. If they make the wrong choice, our future could be and likely will be greatly impacted.  It is every citizens right and duty to get out and vote for their elected officials.

We want to provide you some links in order to assist citizens in making their choices.   You can click on the names below for the candidates that filled out profiles specifically for  All candidates for each body were requested to fill out answers to the exact same questions.

Candidate Profiles:

City Council (you will vote for no more than two City Commissioners)

Jolene Born     Scott Hopson      Tim Reazin (did not submit profile)        Jerry Trober (did not submit profile)

School Board (you will vote for no more than three School Board members)

Joe Hurla        Mike Kelso      Bryan Maring      Eric Votaw

You can also gain some insight about the candidates from our stories on the Candidate fourm we held a few weeks ago:

School Board Candidate Forum 

City Commission Candidate Forum

Voting Precinct map:   If you wish to know what precinct you are in, you can click  HERE  for a PDF version of the map for Eudora.

Voting Locations:

North Eudora – Eudora City Hall, 4 E. 7th Street

Central Eudora – Eudora Rec Center, 1638 Elm Street

West Eudora – Eudora Church of Christ, 1530 Winchester Rd.

South Eudora – Eudora Township Fire Station – 310 E. 20th St.

The Polls will be open from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

We will have complete results Tuesday evening and have reaction from the candidates following the tally of the votes.

As a rule, we do not endorse any candidate.  It should be up to the individual voters to decide who they think is the best to govern their City and School Board. Voters need to be informed and, most importantly, they need to show up to the polls.

In a small municipal election like this, every vote counts.  Ask Commissioner John Fiore about that.  Fiore gained a seat on the board by a margin of only 13 votes two years ago.  In that election, only about 500 voters turned out and that election was highly anticipated.  A local election impacts you more than any national or state race by far. These people decide what your property taxes are and handle the chore of deciding what happens in our schools and city regularly. Stand up and be counted. Let your voice be heard.

– John Schulz

Managing Editor

The views expressed in this editorial are the views of the Managing Editor only and do no necessarily reflect the views of the staff or advertisers of Opposing views on this or any editorial are always welcomed.

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4 Responses to Editorial: Get out and Vote

  • I agree with your article, but would add that there seems to be apathy on the part of people willing to be Candidates. When I first ran for school board around 35 years ago there were 13 or so Candidates for 3 positions on the board.

  • My husband I live in the rural area southwest of Eudora. Although we pay taxes to Eudora USD 491, we are not familiar with any of the candidates nor did we receive any information from them. The links in this editorial enabled us to learn about the school board candidates and determine who deserves our votes. Thank you.

  • Thanks, John, for encouraging our citizens to vote. This IS an important election. During these last 3 years serving on the commission, I’ve learned that “the city” is a machine that needs constant attention and fine tuning to work efficiently for the citizens. The commissioners make decisions that affect everybody who lives in Eudora. Your vote, or lack of a vote, will help determine our future quality of life in our town. Please don’t miss the opportunity to impact our future.

  • I think most of us are so sick of what goes on no matter who is in office , we just can`t care anymore. They have went so fat left, its not worth it to try. They have won the battle to destroy the city and the fights not worth it.