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Sometimes word of mouth amazes me. Due to a grass roots campaign by some friends of this web site, our number of readers has grown greatly in the past week.   In just three days, we have had over 1200 unique visitors to the web site.  We cannot thank those enough who have helped to spread the word about our site.  Having 20% of the town population visit our site over the course of three days is truly humbling. Thank you for visiting us.

For those that are new to, we did want to a moment to explain this site and what we do here. Our goal is to provide news and information about Eudora and the surrounding communities on a daily basis. We focus not only on the breaking news stories, but also we highlight events and happenings in and around town.

We cover the main organizations that make our town function including Eudora City government, Eudora Schools and now working on providing Eudora Township news. (Note: Big story coming Monday on the city and the township…stay tuned.)  We cover the events that impact all our lives as residents of this fine city and surrounding area.  We also make sure that our readers know about charity projects and non-profit fundraisers.

We have no political or ideological agendas other than to report whats going on with the various entities that keep our community running.  We will be a supporter and a watchdog. We want to highlight those that work hard to build a better community and we also make it our mission to ensure that these entities are working for the good of the community. Our ultimate focus is to ensure that the citizens and those interested in the community are kept up to date and informed about all that happens in the area. We may not have the resources of other much larger media organizations in the area, but we do strive to focus on this community and report accurately on the news and information of Eudora.

One of the things that will keep our community functioning and allow this area to prosper is by supporting our local businesses.  These businesses help keep our taxes down and allow people to purchase goods and services close to home.  All our local business, whether they are downtown, south of K-10, along the Church St. Corridor or points in between, are the lifeblood of Eudora. Please, whenever possible, support our fellow citizens. You see many of them in advertisements on this website. These are some truly great people who realize the value of our community and want to support it. also has established the Hearts Helping Others Program where monthly we give a little bit of happiness to someone who needs a hand up.  This is our small way of trying to give back to the community we serve and are proud to be a part of.  To find out more about this program and be a Heart Helping Others, you can click HERE.

That’s the synopsis of what we do and why we do it. We don’t get rich from this operation.  Our mission is to inform the public and keep people up to date.

The main emphasis is the website, but we do appreciate the value of the various social media services.  You can follow us on Twitter at and make sure to like us on Facebook at  We also have an RSS feed for those that prefer to get their news quickly and easily.

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4 Responses to Editorial – About

  • John,
    You are providing a great service to our community. Thanks for all your hard work and the many, many evenings you give up to keep us informed about the City and the School District!

  • John,

    I also want to thank you for what you are doing for our community. I just wanted to point out that those 1200 unique visitors you mentioned may not all be from Eudora. I have shared the website with several people who I went to school with in Eudora, who now live else where in the country. They just want to keep up on what is happening in their hometown.

    • Duane,
      Thank you for the comment. We know that this site is visited by people from all over, not just current residents in Eudora. We only used the statistic for comparison. I myself occasionally visit my old hometown newspaper’s site to keep up on news and events happening there. We appreciate your support and helping spread the word to all those interested in our town, including those who have moved elsewhere.

  • I also want to say thank you for the great job you do! As a new member of this community, I was initially at a loss for community information. Now I know exactly where to go to find out what’s going on around town. Keep up the good work! You are definitely filling a needed niche around here.