Maple Street storm damageHeavy winds took several limbs and are causing problems for city crews in the Eudora area Sunday morning.  This scene is at 7th and Maple near downtown Eudora (photo courtesy the Eudora Public Works Department)


Eudora News and Information

Early morning storms that passed through Eudora have downed several tree limbs and damaged some power lines.

Storms fired up in the area around 6:00 AM Sunday morning with gusting winds, frequent lightning and heavy rains.  Some streets are blocked due to the down limbs according to Public Works Director Mike Hutto.

“We are working on getting the tree out of the lines and repairing damage,” Hutto said. “No outages that have been reported so far.”

Crews are already working on cleaning up the affected streets and power lines and crews may need to cut power temporarily to some residents as they remove trees on affected power lines.  The picture above is looking up 7th Street from Maple towards downtown.

While there are currently no watches or warnings, isolated thunderstorms are predicted to continue throughout the morning.

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