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On Monday, thirteen bronze signs were installed along some of the most historic buildings on Eudora’s Main Street.

Preserving the history and the character of Eudora’s Main Street is an important priority for the Eudora Area Historical Society. In addition to simply preserving the physical structures of buildings on Main Street, it is also important to preserve the history of the buildings. The recently installed bronze signs will help preserve the history of these buildings by making their respective histories or “stories” public. Each sign has been placed in a very public setting and summarizes the history of its respective building.

The thirteen buildings selected for this project include: 4 East 7th Street (City Hall), 700 Main, 701 Main, 707 Main, 711 Main (Odd-Fellows Lodge), 715 Main, 719 Main, 720 Main, 724 Main,  726 Main (Masonic Lodge), 736 Main, 800 Main, 806 Main. All of the buildings, with the exception of 806 Main Street, are commercial buildings. 806 Main Street is a private residence, but the sign for this building is visible to the public from the sidewalk.

It is hoped by the Eudora Area Historical Society that placing these signs along buildings on Main Street will foster a sense of appreciation and pride for the history of the buildings. Eudora is a unique community with a unique history. The signage that has been installed along Main Street should help further help Eudora preserve its identity as a unique community.

This project for signage along historic buildings on Eudora’s Main Street was funded through a grant from the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council and developed by the Eudora Area Historical Society. Entries for the various buildings on the Kansas Historic Resources Inventory (KHRI) were consulted for the content of the signs. The signs were created by Degginger’s Foundry of Topeka, KS.

Next time you are on Main Street, make sure to take a few minutes to read about the history of some of our community’s most enduring structures.

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2 Responses to Debut of Bronze Signage for Historic Buildings

  • Great job by the Eudora Historical Society! Now lets start preserving these and other Landmarks around town.Maybe with a little awareness we can start saving instead of tearing down.

  • I thank the Eudora Area Historical Society and especially Ben Terwilliger for the perserverence in getting this completed.