A proposal is being prepared for the Eudora City Council about starting a voluntary curbside recycling program for the City of Eudora. Kevin Weldon of Weldon Enterprises is spearheading this effort. Weldon Enterprises is the current trash service provider for the city.

According to Weldon, the cost of the program would be included with current services and there would be no additional fees. If the proposal is accepted, Weldon Enterprises would provide a 65 gallon bin to residents who wish to participate in the program. Acceptable materials will include standard recyclable materials such as plastics, cardboard, chipboard and newspapers. Residents who volunteer for the program would be asked to place the bin at their curb once a week and use the container for recyclable material only.

To gauge interest in this program, we are conducting a poll. The poll is located on the right hand side of the web site. What are your thoughts? Additional comments can be left below.

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6 Responses to Curbside Recycling

  • This is a great idea! I hope it happens!

  • I hope this happens!!! We need this service in Eudora.

  • It would be convenient! But it isn’t that hard either to take your own recyclables to the drop off we already have in Eudora.

  • Once again what happened to the the lady that went around and hung the packet of information on our door about curbside recycling and took our phone calls about this project? Was she shot down the same way the man was a year or so ago being told that Weldon owned the garbage in Eudora?

  • If you dump your recycling materials in the Deffenbaugh Recycling bins on the school property, it benefits the school children. Deffenbaugh provides a recycling program for schools.