When eudorareporter.com talked with Kevin Weldon of Honey Creek Disposal yesterday we asked the question “Would there be costs or rental fees for recyclers”? The answer we were given was no that it would be part of the regular service. Weldon later informed Eudorareporter.com, after the story was posted, that there would in fact be a $5 per month fee for the voluntary curbside recycling program.  The monthly fee for this voluntary program would be added to the bill you currently receive for various services from the city of Eudora.

When asked about when this proposal would be ready for City Council, Weldon,stated “I hope to have the proposal ready for the City Council in two or three weeks “.  If the proposal is presented and adopted by the City Council in enough time, Weldon hopes to have the program start as soon as January 2011.

The plan is currently being redesigned to use 65 gallon carts as opposed to bins which would need to be placed curbside. These carts would be similar to carts currently in use for trash disposal though smaller in size.

Weldon stated that the recyclable materials would include cardboard, chipboard (for example: cereal boxes or cracker boxes),  rigid plastics, newspaper, office paper, magazines, phone books, tin cans and aluminum. Glass, Styrofoam, and PVC would not by allowed under the program.

Prior to implementation of the proposed plan, residents would be provided information on all materials allowed for recycling.

When Kevin Weldon bought Weldon Enterprises from his father, he renamed the company Honey Creek Disposal Services which bases it’s operation in Tonganoxie and serves several communities in Northeast Kansas.

In light of this new information about a $5 monthly charge for curbside recycling, we want to know your opinions. As with any story, you can click on the comments section at the bottom of every story.

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12 Responses to Curbside Recycling – Part 2

  • As for the fee which is minimal, there is no mention of how often the recycling will be picked up. I’m hoping this will be addressed in the proposal.

    • “there is no mention of how often the recycling will be picked up”.
      In the previous story about curbside recycling it was stated, and the plan continues to be, that recycling would be picked up once a week.

  • I have been recycling for over a year now,hauling “my” garbage to recycling centers,and I have to put the container out only once a month instead of weekly.I still get charged the same amount monthly,which is not right! I have asked the city about this and was told “sorry” but thats way it is.And now Weldon wants to charge me an additional $5.00 a month to help pay for his new trucks,this is a real scam!!!!,I wonder who he knows in the city of Eudora! I think I’ll continue to take the stuff to the new “GRADE SCHOOL”, at least the school makes something out of it, instead of Weldon!

  • After we moved to Eudora we were asked if we would be interested in curb side recycling and we said, yes. That was a few years ago. What happened? Now that a resident is doing curbside recycling, Weldon comes in and says they would like to start curb side recycling. I will not sign up for curb side recycling with Weldon and will continue to support our school children. I hope the City will continue to give residents a choice.

  • I like how the second an individual in Eudora starts her own curbside recycling business, Weldon has to come in and try to run her out of business. Not only will I not use Weldon, but I will try to convience all of my friends not to use them so that the local Eudora resident has a chance of having her business succeed.

  • Who is the Eudora business doing curbside recycling? We would love to take advantage now if it is available.

    • We are working on a story about this business. We hope to have it put together and out very soon. The name of the business is Curbcheck Recycling. More info to follow soon at Eudorareporter.com

  • First, thanks to John Schulz for the Eudora Reporter — I didn’t know about either curbside recycling project/proposal. Can’t wait to read about Curbcheck Recycling. I currently take advantage of the city’s recycling bins but think I would recycle even more with curbside convenience. I would gladly pay $5 to %10 a month for this. Thanks again, Eudora Reporter, for putting this issue out there! I will do my research!

  • I’m glad Weldon is moving forward on this. If it helps people recycle more and throw away less then I think it’s a good thing. If the woman with curbcheck had checked with the city office she might have saved herself some energy.

  • Thanks for putting together a story on this!

  • Replying to the September 3rd, comment. Please get the facts before accusing someone of not doing their homework. In June and July, I did go through Eudora City Hall, spoke to the Planning committee, codes administrator, and checked to see if I need a city permit. I got the o.k. to start curbside services. I started Curbcheck Recycling in August and later through a resident found out there may be an issue because someone else tried to do this a couple of years ago. After I contacted the City Council, it was discovered there is an ordinance against anyone providing curbside services. So I did check with The City of Eudora first. Please check your facts before you make statements that are not true.

  • I think the City of Eudora should be ashamed of itself for not even knowing their own ordinances enough to waste this individuals time. If she went to the trouble of going through City Hall, The Planning Committee, & Codes Administrator and was told that she could proceed, then later after Weldon decided it was interested in offering the service was told that she had other hoops to jump through, I would be call b s on that. I say let her proceed and if Weldon wants to proceed, fine. People should have more than one choice.