Multiple people commented on the previous stories in about another recycling operation in town. Stephanie Pascua operates Curbcheck Recycling in Eudora. Pascua started this service in August. Pascua wants to help promote the Defenbaugh recycling program that benefits the Eudora School District.

Pascua, on a weekly basis, collects recyclable material, from those that have signed up for the program. The cost of the program is $6 per month or $15 per quarter. Pascua goes around to houses and picks up the recyclable materials, then deposits them in the Deffenbaugh recycling bins located just off Main St across the street across from the Fire Station. For materials that are not allowed in these bins, glass being the most prominent, she takes those to the recycling center located next to Wal-Mart on Iowa Street in Lawrence.

Pascua does not provide curbside bins for her service.  According to Pascua she will collect whatever people have for recycling in whatever container they have available to them. She likes paper sacks especially, since they are also recyclable. If residents have more permanent contains they wish to keep, she will collect the materials and place them in here truck to take to the bins.

“If we put our recyclable material in those (Deffenbaugh’s) bins, then it goes back to the school children” Pascua said. “If I can provide a service for other individuals who don’t have the time to take their recycling material out there, then maybe I could help that along and get more individuals involved in recycling.”

For more information about Curbcheck Recycling, you can visit Pascua’s personal blog site:

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