Scouts_Commission MeetingVice Mayor John Fiore gives  a civics lesson to Cub Scout Pack 3064 prior to the start of the Commission meeting Monday night.

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Cub Scouts from Pack 3064 located at Eudora United Methodist Church had the opportunity to learn about how the City Commission works on Monday night prior to the beginning of the Commission meeting. Vice-Mayor John Fiore spent approximately 15 minutes talking to the scouts about various aspects of what the City Commission does and how they help run the city.

Fiore explained to the students how the Commission chooses the Mayor and that the Commissioners (and candidates) run for office every four years. He also explained to the kids how city government votes on regulations for the city and tackles issues both big and small.

“Sometimes it’s important stuff  like working with the school district making sure we are going the same direction,” Fiore told the scouts. “Sometimes it’s not that big and crazy like deciding if we want to allow people to keep chickens in the city limit or we don’t want chickens in town.”

Fiore also challenged the cubs scouts as well by asking them some questions.  When talking about how the City Commission, through it’s policies and planning, wants to make Eudora a better place to live to attract residents and businesses, he asked what happens.

“The town makes more money,” Cub Scout Caleb Lord proudly stated.

Fiore laughingly confirmed that his answer was correct and explained that with more money, city leaders can work to add more city amenities and improve the quality of life for residents.

Jim Lord, Packmaster for the Cub Scouts said the kids were working on their citizenship requirement badges. There was no definitive word on when Caleb may run for City Commission.


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