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One of the anchor businesses in Eudora is about to change hands.  C&S Market will be sold at the end of the month to Clasen Inc. of Wichita.  Clasen, a family owned business since it’s inception, operates seven stores throughout Kansas under the name Gene’s Heartland Foods.  Locations include Dodge City, Ft. Scott, Smith Center, Wamego, Ellsworth, Minneapolis and Anthony. Eudora will be the 8th store in the regional chain and the name will be changed from C&S Market to Gene’s Heartland Foods.

According to Ray Gembala, Vice President of Clasen Inc., much is planned for the Eudora store after it’s sale.

“We have plans for a pretty large investment in the store,” Gembala said. “We will be installing all new perishable cases in the produce, meat, deli and dairy area, and do some interior paint, repair and things like that.”

The store will feature the Shur Fine and Shur Fresh label products along with brand name items. Gembala also said that they are looking to expand their business into catering as well as expanding the deli.

“One of the things we will do is put a smoker in,” Gembala added. “In the rest of our stores we have the old hickory type smokers and that’s the anchor for our catering business.”

Gembala said the changes won’t happen overnight.  He expected it to be approximately 60 to 90 days before most of the modifications to the store are completed.

Additional employees will also likely be added to the store.

“While we can’t be exactly certain yet, we plan to really expand our deli operations which will require more people, we see that as a lot of potential in the store.” Gembala said. He also told us that with the catering service, the will also likely need more personnel in all the perishable departments.

As to prices, Gembala described that the merchandise in the store “will be competitive”.

We tried to reach Bryan Chumbley, current owner of C&S Market.  As of press time, calls and messages had not been returned. We hope to update the story as soon as we can reach him.



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11 Responses to C&S Market to be sold

  • I am wondering if this sale includes the entire building? Several businesses rent space in the portion of the building South of C & S Market.

  • This is a good positive for business in Eudora, one of the first in a long time.
    Sounds like a great deal and i think it will be a much needed change.

  • This is exciting news!! I’ve never seen a store with so much over priced expired produce, groceries, and other products than C&S. I won’t have to drive to Lawrence anymore for my last minute needs!

  • This is great news. While I appreciate C&S .. it sounds like the upgrades will be a big positive. Yesterday some of the ice cream in the freezer cases was kind of soft – an upgrade there is needed. Too bad the smoker will most likely run the man out that sells wonderful bbq in front of the store on Sundays. Maybe he can set up somewhere else in town.

  • I would welcome the ability to do all my grocery shopping in Eudora. We’ll see. I know smaller stores can’t meet the bigger ones price-for-price, but if they can get at least somewhere in the ballpark…

  • For a store like C&S I really appreciate the time that they put in. A small town store requires a lot of time for not being a franchise. A change will be different but will take a lot of getting use to.

  • This is great news! The store could definitely use a bunch of renovations and with new ownership the prices should be much more reasonable. Just as an example I was in there last week and a bag of 40 pizza rolls was $6.50. At HyVee I saw the same bag for half that price

  • I’m glad that the grocery store has a new owner and that Eudora will continue to have a place to get groceries. However, even though the comments section of this blog isn’t really a good sampling of local opinion, I find it a little troubling how dismissive the comments are of the current ownership. The Chumbley’s have done a lot of good for this community through the sponsorship of countless sports teams and their contribution to nearly any activity or cause that has happened during their time here. Running a business can be a thankless job, some of the comments here prove that.

  • That shows how much a town can not even support their local stores needed to build a strong community

  • The Chumbley’s are wonderful people. The comments listed here are disgraceful. These two people along with their children have been a part of this community for many years. Eudora could just as well have been like DeSoto and lost it’s grocery store completely. They did everything that they could to provide for their own family as well as all of the employees of this business. The high prices that everyone wants to complain about was not a something that the Chumbley’s tried to do to line their pockets. It takes money to make money. This community did not support this grocery store. Everyone in this community asked for handouts for one reason or another and most of these individuals or groups did not even shop at the store. However, handouts were always provided when asked. I cannot believe the comments I have heard around town. I hope that the new owners do as great a job as the Chumbley’s did or this town could very well be without a grocery store and then all of town will have to drive even in the winter!!!

  • I hope the Chumbleys have a good retirement from owning a grocery store..they did well with what they had. Thank You Chumbleys for everything.