City hall parking lotCrews thoroughly search a truck looking for a missing child that was reported Wednesday evening in Eudora (photo by editor John Schulz)

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Eudora City Police and Fire crews were called to the north parking lot of Eudora City Hall on Wednesday evening around 6:00 PM when officials received a report of a child stuck in a pickup truck in the parking lot.

Crews from Eudora, Lawrence and the Douglas County Sherriff’s office responded to the incident.  The driver of the truck had reportedly to officials that he had picked up a youth approximately 30 miles away who was hitchhiking and the youth wanted to be taken to a police station for an unspecified reason.  The driver drove into Eudora and not being familiar with the town, parked at City Hall trying to locate the Police Station.  After the driver found the police station and brought police to the scene, the youth was reportedly nowhere to be found.

Fire Department and Douglas County sheriff deputies thoroughly searched the vehicle which was loaded down with equipment and could not locate the child. It was initially thought that the youth was trapped inside the vehicle.

Authorities began a door to door search for the individual and questioned any possible witnesses within a five square block region of City to attempt to locate the child.  After approximately two hours and no signs of the child, the responding departments gave up the search.

Officials continued to get to the bottom of the story and started investigating all avenues. After a discussion with a relative of the driver, that relative revealed that the driver was susceptible to delusional thoughts and had a previous history of reporting activities that had never occurred.

The driver was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for evaluation.  According to Eudora Police Chief Bill Edwards, there were no plans to file any charges against the driver.

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