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On Monday the City Council passed a proposal to run a test to see if Eudora water can be improved.

Eudora City Administrator John Harrenstein, along with several members of the Public Works Department and Doug Smith, the  water consultant for the city, proposed a program that will last for eight weeks, with the goal being to diagnose and potentially improve the water quality in the city.

“The City Council identified at retreats held earlier this year that one of the top goals was to improve the quality of water,” Harrenstein stated. “This is designed to help meet that goal.”

Smith told the Council that to improve the quality of water, we need to have more frequent testing of various levels including Phenolphthalien alkalinity, Total alkalinity, pH and total hardness.

“People constantly think that most of those little white particles floating in the water is lime.  That’s not the case. Most of that is calcium,” Smith said.

Currently the hardness of Eudora water is approximately 350 – 400 mg/l (milligrams per litre) with the desired level being 100 – 140 mg/l according to chart provided to the City Council by Smith.

During the test, the City will add more lime to the water and elevate the pH in the raw water to reduce the calcium.  Also, the City water plant will be staffed by Public Works personnel for the 13 to 16 hours the plant is in operation. Currently the plant is staffed for 8 hours a day.

Not only will tests on the raw water at the plant be conducted on a much more frequent basis, tests will also be conducted at 8 different sites throughout the city.  These include the two convenience stores in town, two school buildings and many city office buildings.  In addition, 32 fire hydrants will be flushed during the 8 week test period to try to clean out the pipes in the ground where calcium and deposits have built up.

When the city flushes the hydrants, citizens in those areas will notice a drop in water pressure and water can come out of tap discolored.  This was evidenced approximately two weeks ago when the water main break at 12th and Church Street occurred, many citizens in the area were affected by these conditions as hydrants had to be opened to make the necessary repairs.

Prior to flushing the hydrants, the city will hang fliers on doors of places affected by the flushing, informing them that they should expect these conditions and to not do laundry for a 24 hour period following the hydrant flushing as this could turn clothes a brown or rust color.

Harrenstein also presented facts and figures on the cost of this test and possible future impact to the budget if the test is successful and it is decided to implement further procedures.  The extra salary for having the Water Plant staffed additional hours each day will result in a cost of $5,120. The cost of additional chemicals in the water is not determinable at this point, but is not looked at as a major expense.

“We have the money in the budget for the testing period,” Harrenstein noted. “What the City Council will need to consider is if this test is successful, this will have a budget impact for the permanent addition of man hours and chemicals in the future.”

The testing period is slated to start on November 1 and conclude on Christmas Eve.


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7 Responses to Could Eudora water be improving?

  • Finally!!! This can’t come soon enough! I don’t think you can find a resident in Eudora that would say “no, don’t do this, our water is good.”

  • I must say I concur with Erica- On more then one occasion I’ve told myself that we are moving out of Eudora due to the horrible water. I’m on my second softner, third coffee maker and soon a new set of water heaters. If it weren’t for the economy right now, it would have already happened.

    Since the city gets it for free from an incrediable donor, I think, they’d do more to clean it up.
    *Just curious of how the breakdown occurs, with the already high water bill on free water* I know it has to be cleaned etc, but seriously, why has it been this bad for so long.

    I’d pay more to have good water!!!

  • What the coucil presented isnt anything new. Back when the water was good, say 10-15 years ago the city flushed the hydrants on a regular basis. Also, having a employee at the plant for all those hours isnt needed. Its all automated and has been for years. Its like a computer, its all in who and how they are programming it. Bottome line, I feel that the problem is lack of knowledge thats causing the problem. Just like all the other problems the city has.
    Oh, and dont forget that when they test the hydrants that a large amount of water will be running down the streets. Did you notice the time frame for which they will be doing this? Could be alot of ice on the streets from this!

  • This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! I was considering buying a water softener but I’ll wait to see how this works out. I had to get a new water heater last year and the man who installed it said Eudora had the second worst hard water in northeast Kansas. Poor Basehor!

    Also, the installer, a giant of a man (seriously, pro wrestler giant size), could not remove the old water heater on his own due to the added weight of the calcium deposits. He had to call in a second man.

    Has anyone ever run their dishwasher without LemiShine thinking, oh, one load will be OK until I buy some more? Yeah, I made that mistake once. Oh, to dream what a difference this will make to all my appliances! Perhaps the ice maker in my freezer will be magically restored to life. And the showerhead will clean itself up!

  • You can use a pack of lemonade (kool aid), or even some lemon juice and it works just as well, a whole lot cheaper too! I learned this trick years ago.

  • I have been living in Eudora a little over a year now, and I can not believe the water quality. I moved from a town where i thought the water was as bad as it could be, I was sadly mistaken on at point. The town I lived in prior is 25 years older and the water quality is not even close to as poor as it is here in Eudora. While I am sure that I do not know all the details that go on with the water plant, I do know the water is very poor to the point I will not drink it without filtering it. I can not believe that our water can not be improved. Lime and clarifiers will not solve the problems. I hope that the city puts some true effort into fixing the issue not patching a problem.

  • Was wondering if you have noticed the improvement in Eudora’s water? I have really noticed much better water at my home. SO have others around town. I believe they have been making better water now for around a week.