There’s been a lot of garbage being talked about in City Hall of late. Two separate issues dealing with waste hauling, are making their way through the City Council and one way or another, it affects everyone. Today, we will tackle topic one: commercial waste hauling.

The city of Eudora has an exclusive contract with Honey Creek Disposal Service based out of Tonganoxie, KS for residential service, but no ordinance or contract covers commercial service. All commercial waste haulers are, by city ordinance, to be licensed with the city. This is where the problem lies.

Deffenbaugh Industries has started servicing some commercial accounts in town. Currently, Deffenbaugh is not licensed with the City of Eudora and has been operating in the city in violation of that ordinance. Fines can be levied for operating a waste hauling service without proper licensing.

Deffenbaugh Industries had intimated to city officials, that if fines were levied against the hauler and commercial action was halted, Deffenbaugh would possibly end the recycling program it operates in cooperation with the Eudora School District.

Don Grosdidier, Superintendent of Eudora Public Schools, stated that approximately $1200 a year is given to the school district by Deffenbaugh Industries for operation of twelve recycling bins located on various school district properties and at the old middle school near downtown Eudora. Grosdidier said this money goes to various student award programs and club activities at all the schools and wants to see these programs continue.

City officials and Deffenbaugh Industries has been in contact with each other about obtaining proper licensing to conform with city ordinances.

After a discussion at the City Council meeting this past Monday, the City Council agreed to allow multiple commercial accounts, providing they complete the licensing requirements. Several City Council thought it would not be proper to levy fines against Deffenbaugh Industries for past violations at this time. Ruth Hughs, Eudora City Councilwoman, stated the fact that the free enterprise system should be allowed to work and fair competition among businesses for accounts could be beneficial to local businesses.

Tomorrow, we will cover part two of the issue: Curbside recycling.

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2 Responses to City talking trash

  • If the city council passes a city ordinance it is their responsibility to inform the parties in which the new ordinance effects, especially if they wrote it knowing certain individuals would be in violation of it. I am glad Deffenbaugh was not fined. All parties that the new ordinance effects should be contacted immediately and allowed an opportunity to comply with the new ordinance if possible. What good are city ordinances if they are not enforced at the time they are created?

  • Thank you for your comment. Just to make sure it’s clear. The ordinance about licensing for Commercial haulers was in place prior to when Deffenbaugh started hauling operations in Eudora. Deffenbaugh has been in discussions with the city in regards to the licensing issue and they are not ignoring the issue.

    In regards to recycling, even though recycling may have not been specifically addressed at the time the contract was drawn, any household waste, recyclable or not, is thereby covered in the exclusive contract Honey Creek Disposal has.

    The city council has not enacted any laws “after the fact”.

    – John Schulz